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7 Hilarious Laws that You don’t know exist in African Countries




Guys, this one is not funny at all. Not by once bit. In Malawi, if you make the mistake of farting in public, you have committed a ‘criminal’ offense. Those of us who are professionals when it comes ‘messing’ must find a way to steer clear of Malawi or else may be found guilty of misdemeanor. It is against the laws of the land.




Okay guys, if mistakenly wake up to find yourself in Somalia, one thing you mustn’t do, else you get yourself in trouble with the authorities is to carry old chewing gum, by sticking it to the tip of your nose. It is illegal and can get you a ticket to jail. You say?




This one’s for the ladies. Ladies, if your man is from Swaziland, you may think twice before say, ‘’Yes I do.’ The catch? If you ever make the mistake of putting on pants, or what we call trousers around here; be it jeans trouser, leggings or anything wey long, wey be like man clothe, dem fit pull am for street. It is illegal.




Guys chill 😉 I know some of y’ll will be wondering Chad ke? Wetin I wan go find for there. But make una no forget say abroad na abroad; and Chad na abroad ehen J. We know say una like selfie, but abeg if you go try am for Chad, na arrest straight. It is illegal to take photographs in Chad with a proper permission from the government.



If after being a Muslim you wake up one morning to say that you are no longer interested, the Mauritania government has said that it is not possible. Ko Possible. You’d be given 3 days to repent of your decision after which you’d be put to death. Not kidding fam. No woke twitter to protest anything.



In Kenya, you can be arrested for walking around with no money in your pocket. Guys, it’s a crime to be poor in Kenya. If you no get money, hide ya face, else you may end up in Kenyan SARS cell.




If your name is Monica and you are planning on traveling to Guinea, think again. It is illegal—it is a crime to bear the name Monica in Guinea.



In Nigeria, wearing a tattoo, or owning an iPhone or having a car as a young person is a crime because, if SARS catches you, errr errrr, you know the rest. I didn’t say it o. Ehen. 

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5 Profitable Business Ideas for Introverts



If you’re an introvert, chances are you have had jobs that you did not enjoy. You have several qualities which makes you independent minded, and thrive when you work alone.
Understandably, you want to find an enjoyable career path that provides you satisfaction and comfort.
As an introvert, you would prefer
  • work which doesn’t involve teams
  • a business that lets you work remotely
  • to do away with a lot of networking
Here are 5 business ideas that fit the above

Graphic Design

The perfect job for people who love to work behind the scenes, graphic design is a great way to make a living. It is easy to get started as far as you’re tech savvy and inclined towards arts.
Equipment needed: Computer and design software.

Writing Service

There are loads of option to choose when it comes to writing. Blogging, freelance writing, copywriting, technical writing and script writing all have significant demand. Demand is set to keep growing as digital business growth continues. It is important to select a niche and focus on writing great content.
Equipment needed: Computer

Resume Writer

With millions of job seekers in Nigeria, resume writing can be a lucrative business. You can offer your services to job seeking clients and helping them put together resumes and cover letters.
Equipment needed: Computer

App Developer

Introverts make excellent app developers due to their introverted nature. This makes app development a great option for an introvert. Developing apps is a niche skillset, and there is a huge demand for app developers.
Equipment needed: Computer, training courses, app development kits

Content Creator

Content creation as a business is as broad as it gets. Content comes in various formats – Video, text and graphics. These formats can further drill down to focus on informative and entertaining content. Depending on preference and skills, content creation is quite lucrative and satisfying.
Equipment needed: Computer, design and editing software
Do you have a suggestion on a business idea that should make the list? Do let us know.
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5 reasons you can get capital to fund your business



An entrepreneur with an existing business or a promising business idea that requires funding can access funding due to following reasons:

  1. Government interventions: Governments support local entrepreneurs because they are key drivers of any economy. Local entrepreneurs create jobs, generate revenue for government by paying taxes, and contribute to national GDP.
  2. Profit: The purpose of every investor, bank, venture capital and private equity firm is to invest for profit. If no investment is made, there will be no profit.
  3. Foreign policy: Annually,  the international development organizations of developed nations spend huge amounts to fund promising ideas, projects and initiatives all over the world. 
  4. Social impact: Numerous NGOs, Corporate organizations and philanthropists invest actively in entrepreneurs every year. The funds they invest are usually given as grants, prize money and donations as part of an organization’s corporate social responsibility, societal impact efforts or for enhanced public perception.
  5. Innovation race: Every year, multinational organizations spend billions on programs that allow them to identify and nurture top talents, discover disruptive business ideas that could change industry landscape.

To be able to access funding on the above listed basis, you have to align your business to appeal to the motivations of these fund providing organizations. Do your due diligence. Look out for any of the funding organizations that best suits you and put your best feet forward.

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