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5 Content Creation Tools for African Students



Content creation tools are those tools that are necessary for the generation of ideas, concept and inspiration. Every individual has content in the mind that needs to take shape, be it in the form of illustrations, pictures, videos, audio notes, etc. Students are known for their creativity and resourcefulness, but a lot of students don’t know the right tools to use to explore their creativity. This article is a write-up of 5 content creation tools that every student must familiarize themselves with.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a fun and an easy-to-operate creation tool. Students are able to create amazing graphics easily and quickly with this app. You don’t need to be an expert in designs creation or have any design skills to be able to use Adobe Spark Post. With the varieties of fun features, filters and templates, students can instantly create stunning, eye-catching graphics. In addition, Adobe Spark Post can be used in creating content such as animated video posts, Instagram and snapchat stories as well as all kinds of social media posts. You can also create study-related content such as slides and presentations as well as invitations and announcements. For the business-oriented students, use Adobe Spark Post to promote and publicize your business or brand by creating sparky ads and flyers. All these can be achieved using your phone or a laptop.


Just like Adobe Spark Post, Canva is also a design app. Canva helps in creating unique logos and poster designs with your photos and videos. It is the ultimate content creation tool for students when it concerns creating and editing designs. With Canva, your social media posts and your brand flyers are taken care of. The search feature on the app makes it easier and faster for you to find templates. Another fun fact about Canva is, you can create a team on the app to easily share and edit designs with. Students can brainstorm together on presentations, brochures and other design needs. Canva has a free version, where there is unlimited access to uncountable design templates. You can also upgrade to Canva pro to set brand colours and upload brand fonts.


Every student makes plans, either mentally or by writing the plans down on a notepad. With Padlet, students can easily organise plans in a detailed way. Not only can you use this content creation tool for creating plans, but also for creating all forms of content. Padlet is a blank digital page on which you can easily collaborate with friends and peers for easy workflow organization. Collaborative note-taking, creative writing prompts, uploading documents, curriculum planning and even CVs/resumes can all be done using Padlet.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator is basically used to create funny memes that you can share with friends. This content creation tool has more than 1000 high quality meme templates with lots of hilarious sample captions. Students can use pictures on their device to create their desired memes. Meme generator features hundreds of stickers with more than 50 fonts to choose from. Some of the memes generated using this tool have no watermarks while some do but you can easily crop them out.

Book Creator

With Book Creator, students are able to learn remotely. This learning tool is basically for helping students create digital books. Through these digital books, students are able to share their learning experience or activities with peers and students like them all around the world. The featured text, images, audio and video features enable students to create interactive stories, digital portfolios, research journals, poetry books, science reports and so many other fun activities. Teachers can collaborate with students on this platform across multiple devices. In addition, more than one student can work on a book at the same time. A fun feature of this content creation tool is the AutoDraw feature. With the AutoDraw feature, students can draw any object they want and Book Creator will provide different professionally illustrated objects as suggestions matching the drawn object. This content creation tool for students is perfect to create, read and publish. 

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5 Free Text Animation Apps For Your Brand Promotion



Animation apps for brand promotion basically refer to those creative apps that are used to broadcast positive information about your brand in order to create a sense of publicity and awareness towards your brand; just by customizing texts. 

There are various ways by which people promote their brands but using text animation apps for brand promotions is one of the most creative ways to promote your brand. Below is a detailed list of 5 free text animation apps for brand promotion.


Typomate is a text and logo animation intro-maker. With Typomate, you can make awesome intro videos for your brand in minutes, which is a boost for brand promotion. All you have to do is select a template and customize to your taste. 

You don’t need a computer or any design skills before you can use the app as Typomate gets you the most artistic and creative appearance. Not only can you use the app to create intro videos, but you can also make 2D text animation. 

Typomate features more than 500 pre-made templates, from which you can choose from. There are also more than 500 background videos and images available, plus they are all free. With varieties of colour patterns, you can customize your texts by changing the colour of your text’s position. You can also customize your brand logo and upload your brand icon from your gallery with recommended dimensions.

A bonus feature of this app is you can add and trim any music of your choice from your smartphone, to your text animation/intro video. 

Hype Text

Hype text is a great animation app for brand promotion. It can be used to create amazing text animation on photos or video stories. With over 300 well-designed text animation layouts, your works are sure to stand out. Use Hype text as not only an intro maker but also as an outro maker, a story text animation maker, a brand promotions video maker, a brand video maker, trailers maker, and even as an online ad maker. 

This app features all kinds of animation styles. You can also customize the text sizes and the colour of text layouts, using the preset feature. There are various backgrounds to use, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Go on and improve your text animation skills with Hype Text.


Legend is one of the best animation apps for brand promotion. It can be used by animated text creators and intro-maker. The app is mainly used for making intro animated text and GIF. It features cool text effects and colourful backgrounds that you can use to make your designs spectacular. You don’t need any skill to use this app as it is pretty simple to use. 

With over 25 beautiful Legend animation styles, your creativity showcases style. Not only can you use Legend for brand promotions, but you can use your created GIFs for texting or messaging and sharing on social media.

Pixel Flow

Pixel flow is a free platform that helps to create professional looking intro-videos with customized backgrounds, music and fonts. On this app, you are able to create in just a few minutes, without learning any design skill. It has well designed animated templates that can be customized. 

With over 150 high-quality pre-designed templates, and more than 25 raw templates, animated text making just got easier. Pixel flow also features over 1000 video backgrounds and more than 15 dynamic backgrounds.Dynamic backgrounds are abstract, unique backgrounds that can be customized to suit you.

There is a featured image library that contains all types of high quality images which can also be used as backgrounds. Though solid colours could also be used as backgrounds. Pixel flow is very easy to use and it saves your time, energy and money. 

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe spark post is super easy to use and it’s a “learn as you go” platform. You don’t need tutorials or classes to carry out any text animation project on this app. With enough features to create stunning text animations, you don’t have to research, just dive in. 

Not only can Adobe Spark Post be used to create amazing text animations, it can also be used to generate stunning graphics. With top of the chart well designed templates and cool images/videos for backgrounds, you just can’t get enough of the fun. Discover new ways to design and animate both graphics and videos, using Adobe Spark Post. 

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5 Free Graphic Design Tools For Newbies



Free graphic design tools are the best for starters in the graphics and animation industry. Though free and quality platforms are quite hard to find, I have created a list of 5 easy-to-use free graphic design tools just for the graphics newbies. Read on!


Desygner is the first of the five free graphic design tools because it is quite easier to use. With more than a million layouts and thousands of unique templates, you get to make beautiful graphics in minutes. Desygner lets you design, edit and customize your graphics for any purpose. Be it for social media posts, ads, book covers, posters, logos, banners and many other uses; this app has got you covered. 

There are pre-made templates featured in this tool, though you can also create your own custom templates and layouts. This app also features millions of royalty free images, fonts and icons of different sizes as well as dimensions that can be used for multiple purposes. 

You can use Desygner from anywhere; on your phone, tablet or PC. And you can also print your designs directly from any device you use.


YouiDraw is quite similar to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. But with this free graphic design tool, you get to access your works anytime and anywhere. This is because it’s not a software you have to download. 

As a newbie, YouiDraw is perfect for you as it features an easy-to-use interface. Even experienced designers use the tool because of that. YouiDraw is an online logo maker for creating high quality vector graphics, headings, logos, icons, website elements and buttons. 

With hundreds of templates featured on this site, you can freely explore the creativity in you. In addition, YouiDraw allows you to share and download your designs in jpg, pdf and other formats. Use YouiDraw today and express your style and creativity. 


Vectr is the third of the five free graphic design tools. It enables its users to easily create vector graphics. It’s quite simple to use plus there are tutorials featured on the software. These tutorials feature tools that assist you as you create. All Vectr designs have specific URLs. These URLs enable anyone with access to watch as you create and edit designs live. 

With Vectr, you can size and resize your designs to any dimension of your choice, without losing the quality of your design. Plus, all your works are automatically saved and synced across all platforms. Vectr is available as a web app or you can also download it on your desktop.

Gravit Designer

Gravit designer is a free vector graphic design maker that works on all platforms, just like Vectr. But unlike Vectr, this free graphic design is not only accessible as a web app/desktop version. It runs smoothly on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, and in-browsers. 

Create shapes, lines, points and give structure and precision to your work with this app. Gravit designer features varieties of precision vector tools that give form to your work. As a newbie, the tool is great for introduction into UI design.

Gravit designer makes all design activities easier and it’s also easy to master compared to similar software. An additional feature is the unique photo effects and filters that allows you to edit photos with ease.


Piskel is a great beginners tool for creating sprite animation. Plus, it’s free. All you need is a Google account to easily sign in to the site. Piskel enables you to check a preview of your animation as you draw. You also get to choose how your sprites appear; either public or private. Private sprites are only visible to you. Piskel is a simple web-based tool for sprites creation and pixel art.

Its easy-to-use interface enables you to create game sprites and animations without any form of complexities. You can generate your work as a GIF or in other formats supported by Piskel. Note that Piskel supports only the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. It does not support smartphones or tablets.

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