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5 Investment Moves to Make While You Self-quarantine Against Coronavirus



The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is currently quickly traveling through Nigeria requires government and people actions.

Firstly, in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, the Nigerian government has embarked on a “stay at home campaign”. With schools shutting down and people working from home. Secondly, no one knows exactly when coronavirus will fade away. It is therefore important that you make the best of your time while quarantining.

Below are 5 intelligent Investment Moves to Make While You Self-quarantine throughout the Coronavirus season.

1. Take An Online Course 

You have always wanted to learn a new skill online but never really had the time. Probably because of your day job or heavy workload in school? This is a good time to learn that new skill, you have always wanted to learn. Instead of spending quality time watching all the movies on Netflix or participating in challenges on social media.

In a bid to ease the burden of coronavirus for many right now, a number of online platforms are offering discounts and even free courses.

Some suggested platforms to check out include but not limited to:






Consider taking on certification courses on either digital marketing, programming, photography, data analytics, data science or graphics design. Most importantly, your focus should be on programs with skills that can help you make money; or some extra income in the short, mid or long term.

2. Start A YouTube Channel 

Are you passionate about a topic? You are an expert in a field? Are you willing to share your knowledge or skills with others? If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then you should really consider starting your own YouTube channel. 

For example, you might say your phone is not good enough to start with. Or you don’t have a professional video camera. If you dwell too much on such excuses, you would never start anything. Therefore, it’s best you just start with the resources you have at the moment. You can record with your mobile phone but make sure you turn the phone horizontally. Unless the video is meant for IG TV.

You would need a plan for your channel and good lighting. Furthermore, you can create quick amazing edits with Kinemaster. It is a very user-friendly mobile video editing application used by many top YouTubers today. You should check out our eBook on “10 Digital Marketing Tools They Don’t Want You To Know“. You will find the tools showcased in the eBook useful.

Initially, do not focus on making money on YouTube, just let your passion and consistency be the main drivers. Also, note that you can leverage other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your content promotions.

3. Get Health Insurance 

It is well known that a lot of Nigerians do not see health or life insurance as a thing of priority. If you are one of those in that category and you do not have health or life insurance, this is a good time to get insured. As much as we do not pray to get sick, it is wise to be insured.

If you already have an insurance policy, you might want to review your current policy to ensure that it can cover for a pandemic as the coronavirus. 

4. Re-strategize  

Are you a small business owner operating in an industry that is directly affected by the spread of coronavirus? For example, if you run a restaurant, a hair salon, a cybercafe, bar, you fall into this category. For the reason that your business depends on a face to face interaction with customers. You might want to consider researching and embarking on investing in a venture where person to person contact won’t be necessary. Also, digitalize your products or productize your service. 

Furthermore, investing in products or services that are currently in high demand, makes good business sense. Personally, I would prefer a service business that can be completed with minimal customer contact. That said, a product or service that would make your customer money, help them save money or that would be of great value to their wellbeing, would sell. If you can do any of these, you become much less replaceable. 

5. Skip Unnecessary Expenses 

In a crisis such as this, you don’t need to panic. However, you have to be extra cautious about your spending habits. Reconsider your subscriptions. Are they all necessary right now? Would you be able to save a little more if you cut down on certain expenses? No one knows exactly when the virus will disappear. Spending out of control right now is not advisable. Rather, invest in things that would yield valuable returns in the short, mid or long term. 

To conclude, please do not forget to wash your hands and keep your surroundings clean. 


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5 affordable abroad study destinations to consider



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Here are 5 suitable countries to consider for individuals interested in obtaining good degrees in foreign schools while on a budget.


According to Vanguard News, about 13000 Nigerian students study in Malaysian universities.  It’s a study destination for Nigerians due to its low cost of living, relatively low tuition fees and global recognition of academic qualification. There is also the occasional scholarship to international students.

Tuition fees will probably set you back anywhere between 3500 Euros to 5000 Euros per year. Costs of living will most likely be anywhere between 350 Euros to 500 Euros per month.


Hungary according to a UNESCO survey is gradually becoming a destination country for foreign education. Three quarters of  international students in Hungary come from just ten countries. Nigeria is among these ten countries. 

International students will have to pay tuition fees which usually range between 1000-3000 Euros every academic year. Also, they may need to pay registration fees which range between 40-700 Euros depending on the course chosen by a student. Cost of living in Hungary is approximately 450-500 Euros per month.


The country’s higher education system has a strong reputation and, most importantly, tuition is FREE of charge generally for many undergrad and Masters courses. 

All you have to pay is a fee of around €100 (£75) to €250 (£185) per semester, which covers administration costs as well as the work of the student union.

Life in Germany is relatively cheap compared to other countries, too. The German Academic Exchange Service recommends a monthly budget of around €800 (£595) to cover expenses, which is enough to enjoy your stay without having to pinch pennies.


Portugal has many beautiful and interesting features that make international students simply fall in love with this country once they come here for their study experience. For one thing, you enjoy amazing weather, beautiful beaches and landscapes, lovely cuisine and fine wines.

Secondly, Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, with low living costs, and Portuguese universities offer numerous quality study programmes while charging affordable tuition fees.

Tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s degrees average around 950-1,250 Euros per year. Cost of living is approximately 800 Euros although this can vary depending on lifestyle.



Although it is one of the tiniest countries in the world, Luxembourg offers a splendidly cosmopolitan environment and a home to plenty of top-ranked universities.

Luxembourg is also one of the safest nations in the world; and, due to its multiculturalism, any foreign student can easily adapt to the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Luxembourg.

Tuition fees will depend on what type of course you choose to study and at what level. On average, you should expect to pay between €400 and €800 per year. For business-related studies, tuition fees are around €4,000-€5,000 per year. Cost of living is approximately 300-450 Euros.

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