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5 Tips You Should Follow To Get Rid Of Debts In 2021



Get rid of debts in 2021 through the following tips provided below. They may seem hard but doing them step by step will definitely eliminate all your debts and provide you with a clear financial path.

Spend less

We are humans, we get attracted to a lot of marketed items/services and we pay for them. Purchasing items are not unadvisable but buying unnecessarily is highly unwise. 

Why would you buy an extra pair of socks when you already have a dozen? You just buy basically because of its appearance and how it’s packaged. If you keep on doing this especially when you don’t earn as much as you spend, you will keep on buying on credit and this leads to piling of debts. 

To get rid of debts in 2021, we all need to spend less on trivial items and save more by not purchasing things we already have. Even if you are the type of person that visits the hairdresser’s or barber’s shop weekly, you could try doing this monthly. This will reduce the expenses spent on your hair and you will be able to use such money to settle other piled debts. 

Cut back on take-outs/eating out

In Nigeria, the majority of workers eat their lunches out. That is, rather than packing food from home to take to work, they prefer to have lunch in a buka or a restaurant. Some of these workers may not be able to pay immediately for the food they buy daily, so they tell the vendor to wait till the end of the month. This is because they rely on their salaries thus they are already spending ahead before the salary even comes. 

Imagine in a week, a regular Nigerian buys food, once daily on credit excluding the weekend; that’s five times in a week. And that’s twenty times in a month. The debts piled for this will be huge and eventually such a person won’t be able to use his/her salary for anything substantial. 

If you are the type of person who doesn’t have time in the morning to cook, then create that time. You may not stop buying food entirely but you could reduce it by using the resources you have at home to prepare something for yourself. Besides, homemade meals are proven to be more nutritious than restaurants’.

Stop impulse spending

Buying items without planning to do so is very common among Nigerians. Discontinuing the act of impulse buying is another way to get rid of debts in 2021. 

When a typical Nigerian goes to the market to purchase a specific amount of goods, he/she will not return home with those exact items. It’s either such a person buys more or less, though buying less is better. Buying more than what you intend is not advisable especially if you’re popular among the sellers. Being known among the sellers makes it easier for you to purchase items on credit which eventually becomes a pain in the ass for the sellers. 

To avoid this, always make a list of the necessary items you want to purchase, then stick to that list. I know it’s not that easy for a lot of people to not be impulsive in spending but discipline yourself enough to do so and you’ll see how a large part of your debt will diminish.  

Reduce your wardrobe contents

This applies primarily to women. Women love clothes and accessories. Though some men do as well. Some people can’t afford to buy clothes every season, but they still buy. They spend their salaries or any money they earn to buy flamboyant and quite expensive clothes. They pile up the expenses spent on these clothing and at the end they won’t be able to pay up. 

Clothing can and should be managed. You can work with the ones you have to achieve a great appearance. Combine your clothes well and you won’t have to spend unnecessarily on buying new ones every time. 

In addition, buy more quality goods as they tend to last longer. Thus, minimizing the tendency of you spending twice if you buy something of lower quality.

Invest your money

Investment today guarantees a better future and it is the most lucrative way to get rid of debts in 2021. Everyone needs an investment plan in order to grow financially.

If you’re the type that has debts piled everywhere, you can use this to do away with them all. Investing in the right system sets you free financially and you are able to pay all debts with ease. As a wage/salary earner, you can use a portion of the money you earn to invest. 

There are various investment platforms on which you can invest with as low as a thousand naira. And at the end of it all, you reap the benefits. All you need is patience and the right mind. 

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5 Free Text Animation Apps For Your Brand Promotion



Animation apps for brand promotion basically refer to those creative apps that are used to broadcast positive information about your brand in order to create a sense of publicity and awareness towards your brand; just by customizing texts. 

There are various ways by which people promote their brands but using text animation apps for brand promotions is one of the most creative ways to promote your brand. Below is a detailed list of 5 free text animation apps for brand promotion.


Typomate is a text and logo animation intro-maker. With Typomate, you can make awesome intro videos for your brand in minutes, which is a boost for brand promotion. All you have to do is select a template and customize to your taste. 

You don’t need a computer or any design skills before you can use the app as Typomate gets you the most artistic and creative appearance. Not only can you use the app to create intro videos, but you can also make 2D text animation. 

Typomate features more than 500 pre-made templates, from which you can choose from. There are also more than 500 background videos and images available, plus they are all free. With varieties of colour patterns, you can customize your texts by changing the colour of your text’s position. You can also customize your brand logo and upload your brand icon from your gallery with recommended dimensions.

A bonus feature of this app is you can add and trim any music of your choice from your smartphone, to your text animation/intro video. 

Hype Text

Hype text is a great animation app for brand promotion. It can be used to create amazing text animation on photos or video stories. With over 300 well-designed text animation layouts, your works are sure to stand out. Use Hype text as not only an intro maker but also as an outro maker, a story text animation maker, a brand promotions video maker, a brand video maker, trailers maker, and even as an online ad maker. 

This app features all kinds of animation styles. You can also customize the text sizes and the colour of text layouts, using the preset feature. There are various backgrounds to use, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Go on and improve your text animation skills with Hype Text.


Legend is one of the best animation apps for brand promotion. It can be used by animated text creators and intro-maker. The app is mainly used for making intro animated text and GIF. It features cool text effects and colourful backgrounds that you can use to make your designs spectacular. You don’t need any skill to use this app as it is pretty simple to use. 

With over 25 beautiful Legend animation styles, your creativity showcases style. Not only can you use Legend for brand promotions, but you can use your created GIFs for texting or messaging and sharing on social media.

Pixel Flow

Pixel flow is a free platform that helps to create professional looking intro-videos with customized backgrounds, music and fonts. On this app, you are able to create in just a few minutes, without learning any design skill. It has well designed animated templates that can be customized. 

With over 150 high-quality pre-designed templates, and more than 25 raw templates, animated text making just got easier. Pixel flow also features over 1000 video backgrounds and more than 15 dynamic backgrounds.Dynamic backgrounds are abstract, unique backgrounds that can be customized to suit you.

There is a featured image library that contains all types of high quality images which can also be used as backgrounds. Though solid colours could also be used as backgrounds. Pixel flow is very easy to use and it saves your time, energy and money. 

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe spark post is super easy to use and it’s a “learn as you go” platform. You don’t need tutorials or classes to carry out any text animation project on this app. With enough features to create stunning text animations, you don’t have to research, just dive in. 

Not only can Adobe Spark Post be used to create amazing text animations, it can also be used to generate stunning graphics. With top of the chart well designed templates and cool images/videos for backgrounds, you just can’t get enough of the fun. Discover new ways to design and animate both graphics and videos, using Adobe Spark Post. 

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5 Free Graphic Design Tools For Newbies



Free graphic design tools are the best for starters in the graphics and animation industry. Though free and quality platforms are quite hard to find, I have created a list of 5 easy-to-use free graphic design tools just for the graphics newbies. Read on!


Desygner is the first of the five free graphic design tools because it is quite easier to use. With more than a million layouts and thousands of unique templates, you get to make beautiful graphics in minutes. Desygner lets you design, edit and customize your graphics for any purpose. Be it for social media posts, ads, book covers, posters, logos, banners and many other uses; this app has got you covered. 

There are pre-made templates featured in this tool, though you can also create your own custom templates and layouts. This app also features millions of royalty free images, fonts and icons of different sizes as well as dimensions that can be used for multiple purposes. 

You can use Desygner from anywhere; on your phone, tablet or PC. And you can also print your designs directly from any device you use.


YouiDraw is quite similar to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. But with this free graphic design tool, you get to access your works anytime and anywhere. This is because it’s not a software you have to download. 

As a newbie, YouiDraw is perfect for you as it features an easy-to-use interface. Even experienced designers use the tool because of that. YouiDraw is an online logo maker for creating high quality vector graphics, headings, logos, icons, website elements and buttons. 

With hundreds of templates featured on this site, you can freely explore the creativity in you. In addition, YouiDraw allows you to share and download your designs in jpg, pdf and other formats. Use YouiDraw today and express your style and creativity. 


Vectr is the third of the five free graphic design tools. It enables its users to easily create vector graphics. It’s quite simple to use plus there are tutorials featured on the software. These tutorials feature tools that assist you as you create. All Vectr designs have specific URLs. These URLs enable anyone with access to watch as you create and edit designs live. 

With Vectr, you can size and resize your designs to any dimension of your choice, without losing the quality of your design. Plus, all your works are automatically saved and synced across all platforms. Vectr is available as a web app or you can also download it on your desktop.

Gravit Designer

Gravit designer is a free vector graphic design maker that works on all platforms, just like Vectr. But unlike Vectr, this free graphic design is not only accessible as a web app/desktop version. It runs smoothly on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, and in-browsers. 

Create shapes, lines, points and give structure and precision to your work with this app. Gravit designer features varieties of precision vector tools that give form to your work. As a newbie, the tool is great for introduction into UI design.

Gravit designer makes all design activities easier and it’s also easy to master compared to similar software. An additional feature is the unique photo effects and filters that allows you to edit photos with ease.


Piskel is a great beginners tool for creating sprite animation. Plus, it’s free. All you need is a Google account to easily sign in to the site. Piskel enables you to check a preview of your animation as you draw. You also get to choose how your sprites appear; either public or private. Private sprites are only visible to you. Piskel is a simple web-based tool for sprites creation and pixel art.

Its easy-to-use interface enables you to create game sprites and animations without any form of complexities. You can generate your work as a GIF or in other formats supported by Piskel. Note that Piskel supports only the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. It does not support smartphones or tablets.

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