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5 Types of People You Find in Comment Sections Online



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It’s amazing the type of people that comment online these days, the kind of things they write and their motives or motivation to comment. Below are 5 types of people that comment on posts online especially in Nigeria.

The Attention Seeker

This one may not even read or understand what the post is about. In a bid to get attention as always they just comment. Sometimes without even thinking. The idea is to try to be funny or sound really silly so as to get attention. In pidgin English its called NOTICE ME. One would wonder what the feeling is like after the NOTICE ME  achievement.

The Likes Seeker

This one just wants people to like their comments. In fact, they go about commenting everywhere gathering likes all over the internet. I might be missing out on a cash cow here. Is it possible that they likes are being monetized? Why maybe its for some levels online. Oh yes once you have gathered so many likes by commenting everywhere you automatically become very popular online which then can amount to a cash out. I would go one forever but i really don’t want to crack my brain too much on this one.


The I Too Know group. This one knows everything. At least they believe they know everything. So its only right to have an opinion at every opportunity. It’s funny sometimes when I see comments from this group. Like, Trump is a loser, Fifa World Cup 2018 was trash, Peter and Paul of Psquare are now upcoming artists. You always think you know best even though you have not achieved 1/10th of what any of the people you try to belittle online have achieved.

First To Comment

I’m still trying to figure out the value in being the first to comment on posts whether on Instagram, Facebook, Nairaland etc. Is it that by being the first to comment everyone else gets to see your comment and then follow you or think you are the coolest? If you are one of those that gets overly excited about being the first to comment, please share you motive with us that don’t get it. It would be interesting to know.

The Send Me Money Crew

This is become a real business online as more and more people are joining the SEND ME MONEY crew. I know things are tough in the country. It is tough for everyone. But some of us would rather work for the money and if we must beg for it, it won’t be online in every comment section possible. It has forgotten so bad that you can’t even tell who really needs help anymore. You could post about being hungry with no money and someone would still comment CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH JUST 5K? I NEED TO PAY FOR A TEXT BOOK FOR MY UPCOMING EXAMS. Haba, I just wrote about being hungry with no money. Didn’t you read?

The Critic 

These guys are like the online comment police waiting to read other people’s comments to launch theirs. Theirs can turn out to be an attack, criticism, spelling error detecting, and more. It list is endless because these guys don’t play. They can be unpredictable. Some folks in this group tend to play the role of The ITK from time to time. And they can go back and forth in the comment section in a bid to prove a point.

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