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5 types of people you meet in church



Nigerians can be very religious people no doubt. That said, going to church in any part of the country will bring you in contact with different kinds of people. Below are 5 different types of people you meet in church.

True worshippers

These guys are the real deal. They come to church with the best of intentions. Their purpose in church is to listen to the word of God and put the word in practice as best as they can, in truth and in spirit.

Church Goers

These ones! Their reason for being in church has to do with perception. For them being there is an obligation. They cannot afford to be absent from church service for fear of the label – pagans. People have to know they are “good people”. This makes them attend service.


Ohhh the latecomers! What sense would this list make without you?
You find the latecomers hurrying up to church after service is well under way. They usually seem mortified that they are late. Next service yet, the latecomers are at it again, hurrying as usual. You would think when they hurry along, there is an imminent storm threatening mankind.

The slay crew

The aim of the slay crew is to be the cynosure of all eyes. Their appearance is usually very trendy and eye catching. If going to heaven is a function of appearance and physical looks, the slay crew would be the first to make heaven.


The worst enemy of ushers. The sleepers are at it as soon as the sermon begins. Even when the workers wake them up for the umpteenth time during the sermon, the sleeper will claim to be awake and attentive.

So, on which do you fall on? Remember the purpose of being in church is to listen to the word. If you find yourself not listening to the word when you attend service, please change.

We love to hear from you readers. Let us have your comments on this article. Together, we can become better people.

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5 Ways Your Caterer Can Ruin Your Event or Party



A well-planned event/party seems to run flawlessly. Drinks flow, food is served appropriately, empty plates cleared away, and there never seems to be any mess! Creating a smooth-running event is more than just arriving with food and drinks – there is also a fair bit of science behind a fabulous party! When a caterer asks you a lot of questions before giving you a full estimate, it is because they are trying to determine all the variables in the “party equation.” This way, they can determine the perfect menu. And amount of items needed to bring to your party to make your event a success!

This is really good and should be the case always for any event, but…

There are equal cases where the exact opposite of the above is experienced and events end up being a disaster in terms of food, drinks, and other refreshments. On that note, here are 5 possible ways your caterer can ruin your event.

Food Poisoning: This can be a real big disaster if you ask me. Now I’m not talking about guests being poisoned in the real sense of it. No, not at all! What I mean is a situation where the food is not well made or some guests are allergic to something in the food. And they have to keep going to the bathroom, taking turns in the process. This will totally ruin the day and give guests something unpleasant to talk about long after the event.

Not Enough Food: This is one bad experience that keeps occurring in a lot of events today. You’re invited to a party or an event with the hope that you will get proper refreshment, because you were counted (Invitation). When it’s time to be served, the catering attendant tells you there’s no more food and nothing can be done about it. This is one experience I wouldn’t want any event organiser to go through, especially if the flaw came from the Caterer.

Caterer not showing up on Time: Imagine having to organise an event where everything seemed to be going smoothly, guests are having a great time, up to the point where the time for food and refreshments come up. You look around for the Caterer, who was supposed to have showed up long before the event commenced and the caterer is nowhere to be found. Imagine if you have already paid the caterer ahead for the service, yet the caterer still shows up late or, disappears during the event or in a worse case, does not show up at all.

Corrupt Caterer: Think about this for a minute; you have paid your caterer based on your needs. You have also communicated the importance of quality to your caterer and not just quantity. Then in the middle of the event, the food is served and you notice everyone squeezing their face in a disappointing manner. You then taste the food yourself and find out that your caterer did not just go against your requirements and instructions, but went ahead to provide distasteful food. How would you feel? I sure know how I would feel…

Overall Terrible Service: Think about this as well. You’ve planned out a great birthday party, the venue is amazing, great decor, fantastic music and entertainment, and everybody is having a nice time. Then the menu is served; your caterer comes in with his/her entourage and you expect to have a great service to round things up. Imagine this is not the case, first the food isn’t tasty as expected, and the Caterer’s attendants are as rude as can be without the slightest knowledge of proper customer service & etiquette. To worsen things, the food and drinks finishes before half the guests arrive. Do I need to ask again how you would feel?, specializes in showcasing only, caterers with a wealth of experience, mostly with respect to service delivery and professionalism. Caterers on are properly scrutinized and reviewed appropriately before being registered on the platform. So that when the next client comes calling, he/she will be well informed towards making a good choice/selection.

Are you looking for a Caterer to make your event special and memorable? Visit today, your peace of mind matters to us.

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5 Types of People You Find in Comment Sections Online



It’s amazing the type of people that comment online these days, the kind of things they write and their motives or motivation to comment. Below are 5 types of people that comment on posts online especially in Nigeria.

The Attention Seeker

This one may not even read or understand what the post is about. In a bid to get attention as always they just comment. Sometimes without even thinking. The idea is to try to be funny or sound really silly so as to get attention. In pidgin English its called NOTICE ME. One would wonder what the feeling is like after the NOTICE ME  achievement.

The Likes Seeker

This one just wants people to like their comments. In fact, they go about commenting everywhere gathering likes all over the internet. I might be missing out on a cash cow here. Is it possible that they likes are being monetized? Why maybe its for some levels online. Oh yes once you have gathered so many likes by commenting everywhere you automatically become very popular online which then can amount to a cash out. I would go one forever but i really don’t want to crack my brain too much on this one.


The I Too Know group. This one knows everything. At least they believe they know everything. So its only right to have an opinion at every opportunity. It’s funny sometimes when I see comments from this group. Like, Trump is a loser, Fifa World Cup 2018 was trash, Peter and Paul of Psquare are now upcoming artists. You always think you know best even though you have not achieved 1/10th of what any of the people you try to belittle online have achieved.

First To Comment

I’m still trying to figure out the value in being the first to comment on posts whether on Instagram, Facebook, Nairaland etc. Is it that by being the first to comment everyone else gets to see your comment and then follow you or think you are the coolest? If you are one of those that gets overly excited about being the first to comment, please share you motive with us that don’t get it. It would be interesting to know.

The Send Me Money Crew

This is become a real business online as more and more people are joining the SEND ME MONEY crew. I know things are tough in the country. It is tough for everyone. But some of us would rather work for the money and if we must beg for it, it won’t be online in every comment section possible. It has forgotten so bad that you can’t even tell who really needs help anymore. You could post about being hungry with no money and someone would still comment CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH JUST 5K? I NEED TO PAY FOR A TEXT BOOK FOR MY UPCOMING EXAMS. Haba, I just wrote about being hungry with no money. Didn’t you read?

The Critic 

These guys are like the online comment police waiting to read other people’s comments to launch theirs. Theirs can turn out to be an attack, criticism, spelling error detecting, and more. It list is endless because these guys don’t play. They can be unpredictable. Some folks in this group tend to play the role of The ITK from time to time. And they can go back and forth in the comment section in a bid to prove a point.

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