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Africa Food Prize 2020



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The Africa Food Prize is the preeminent award recognizing an outstanding individual or institution that is leading the effort to change the reality of farming in Africa—from a struggle to survive to a business that thrives.

The US $100,000 prize celebrates Africans who are taking control of Africa’s agriculture agenda. It puts a spotlight on bold initiatives and technical innovations that can be replicated across the continent to create a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans.

Prize Objectives

The Africa Food Prize recognizes extraordinary women, men, and institutions whose outstanding contributions to African agriculture are forging a new era of sustainable food security and economic opportunity that elevates all Africans. Building on the values and principles established by the Yara Prize, the Africa Food Prize puts a bright spotlight on achievements and innovations that can be replicated across the continent to eliminate hunger and poverty and provide a vital new source of
employment and income.


The Africa Food Prize can be awarded to any individual or identifiable group of individuals, as well as to established institutions, associations, organizations or government bodies with a formal and recognized judicial
and organizational structure contributing to the overall objectives of the Prize.
The Prize can be awarded to any qualified candidate, irrespective of nationality, profession or location, whose work, and contributions deriving from the work, has had a clear impact on the African situation, nationally, regionally or for the continent. The Prize can be awarded with
reference to a specific contribution or achievement, or a series of efforts and results in the recent past, preferably within the last few
Current or recent members of the Africa Food Prize Committee, or an institution/ organization headed by such a member, are ineligible for the Prize. The Prize cannot be awarded to a person already
deceased, but will be presented in the event a Prize winner dies before receiving the Prize.
The Prize can be awarded to more than one winner, but not more than two. If shared, each winner will receive equal prize money (USD 100 000 divided in two), a diploma and a trophy.

Selection Criteria

The Prize Committee considers the following criteria for the Prize:

• Contribution to reducing poverty and hunger and/or improving food and nutrition security in measurable terms

• Contribution to providing a vital source of income and/or employment in measurable terms

• Potential for transformative change through scalability, replication, and sustainability

• Increased awareness and cooperation among African audiences and organizations

In its assessments, the Africa Food Prize Committee will particularly emphasize proven, tangible results, scalability and value creation derived from the nominee’s work, directly or indirectly, with regard to improvement of sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security in Africa. In its deliberations, the Africa Food Prize Committee will furthermore emphasize the value of the nominees’ achievements with regard to visionary thinking, their role as motivator and rallying point in the campaign against hunger and poverty, as well as their inclination to share knowledge and cooperate. The Africa Food Prize Committee will also consider the circumstances under which the work has been carried out and results achieved; that is the complexity of the problem and the difficulties, hostilities or prejudices encountered.

• Proven leadership potential of the individual or organization, specifically the ability of the to persevere despite significant challenges or risks

The nomination process for the Africa Food Prize 2020 starts with nominations being sent to the Africa Food Prize Secretariat by Monday, 1 June 2020. Nominations must contain the information requested in the Nomination Guide.
The Africa Food Prize Secretariat then assists the Africa Food Prize
Committee to screen and select candidates.
The Africa Food Prize Committee chooses the prize winner by unanimous vote. The Committee has absolute authority and its decisions cannot be overruled or appealed.


For more information, visit the African Food Prize website.

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Nigeria Impact Startup Relief Facility – Grants For Startups



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Nigeria Impact Startup Relief Facility (NISRF) is offering grants to help start-ups survive the pandemic.

NISRF is an emergency facility designed by a consortium of funding partners to support grant applicants whose businesses/activities are either being adversely affected or modified in response to COVID-19.

Worth Of Award

  • Business equity-free funding between $5,000 to $20,000.
  • Access to a pool of mentors and business experts.
  • A chance to continue to create impact and stay afloat.


To qualify for this funding, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a company operating in Nigeria
  • The company is tackling an urgent social problem
  • The company is post-MVP, revenue-generating, registered with CAC
  • Can demonstrate substantial financial health before the onset of COVID-19 ($60K ARR – 12 months period minimum)
  • The company has already received seed capital
  • Can demonstrate the scale of impact, or potential for future scale
  • Fall in any of these sectors: Agriculture, Critical Infrastructure, Financial Services, Health Care, Education, and with initiatives that target the informal sector.

Deadline: 7th September 2020. Click here for more information.

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2020/2021 Fung Global Fellows Program For Scholars Around The World



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Each year the program selects scholars from around the world to engage in research and discussion around a common theme. The number of candidates hired will depend on the qualifications of the overall applicant pools. 

There are two categories:

  1. Postdoctoral research associates: Who received their doctorate from an institution outside of the United States and who, at the time of application, do not hold a tenure-track faculty appointment.
  2. Early-career scholars: employed outside the United States who have a faculty appointment, a professional research appointment, or are an established independent scholar in the designated theme of the program.

Application Requirements 

The following items must be submitted by the applicant, in English;

  • Online application
  • Cover letter (1.5 pages maximum)
  • Curriculum Vitae (including publications)
  • Research proposal (maximum of 3 pages, single-spaced)
  • One writing sample (article or book chapter, maximum of 50 pages)

Stipends And Research Support

  1. Fellowships for the Early Career and Postdoctoral fellowships are for the entire academic year, from September 2021 to June 2022.  
  2. Within the limits of its resources, the program intends to provide a salary for Early Career and Senior Fellows that equal the regular salary paid to a Fellow at his or her home institution. In cases where the Fellow’s base salary scale at their home institution is significantly below the norm, the salary might increase.
  3. Fellows will receive research funds.
  4. Fellows would get an office space, computer access in a suite dedicated to the program, and access to the Firestone Library. 

Deadline: 16 November 2020. For more information, please visit the official website of the PIIRS Fung Global Fellows Program

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