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An NGO holds a Leadership Retreat for University Students



CSI Peace Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization whose main objective is to promote Peaceful co-existence and offer Humanitarian services to members of the society facilitated a 2 days retreat for “Emerging Leadership of Gamj, University of Abuja chapter in Gwagwalada.

The Gamji is a platform for the Association of the 19 Northern States to be coordinated under one umbrella for easier collaboration and communication is being chaired by Comrade Haruna Muhammed Pai as the President.

The retreat started with the unveiling of the agenda for the new Student’ leaders of Gamji. Those who were recently elected were the Executives of Gamji. As well as the leaders of the 19 associations of Northern States in the university.

The events was titled” Effective Leadership, a tool for sustainable future”
It was moderated by Sanni Inuwa Baba, the founder of CSI Peace Foundation and had speakers like Dr. Sharif of the political science of the University; who also presented certificates of attendance to the members of the event present.

During his remarks, Sanni Inuwa Baba presented to the attendants of the event, the importance of exhibiting some of the good qualities of a leader; there must be honesty and integrity in all their actions, they must possess a high level of confidence and also have empathy to inspire others. Furthermore, each of them should be creative and very innovative. Dr Sharif, professor of political science, who specializes in international politics described activism as a vigorous campaign to bring about a political or social change. He urged the Leadership of Gamji to be steadfast in both their education and the struggle for a better future.

He gave in details the history of Nelson Mandela’s struggle for equal right, as well as that of the charismatic and iconic revolutionary, Thomas Sankara. The President of Gamji, Comrade Haruna lauched the 2020 Road map for the leadership of the association and reiterated his readiness to making a positive impact on the students as well as the management of the school throughout his tenure.

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Riliwan Lawal Drops Fatai Nurudeen With A Crazy Right Hook



riliwan lawal - new national and west african featherweight champion

Riliwan Lawal knocked out Fatai Nurudeen claiming the National and West African Featherweight Title belts, on the 26th of January, 2020.

Certainly, it was an explosive night with bouts like Massebinu vs Idowu, Salam vs Ukadike, Appah vs Segun. And then, title bouts like Olowu vs Ayiro, and Lawal vs Nurudeen amongst others. Lasigi Fight Night is the only pro-boxing event in Nigeria.

The January edition of the boxing event is titled The Resolution. Saleh Gloves Promotions sponsored the event in partnership with Unboxx Sports and Freels & Threels Promotions.

Even though both fighters exchanged intensively although the fight, Lawal displayed sheer brillance in the 7th round. As he knocked out cold, visibly tired Nurudeen to the amazement of the crowd.

Following his 7th round TKO against Nurudeen, the army boxer, Lawal emerged the new national and West African Featherweight champion.

It was such an exciting bout that even if you were there that night, you would want to watch it over and over again.

Watch the highlight of this thrilling matchup below and please subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

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Meet 9 Years Old Kid Dancing To Support His Family



9 years old kid dancer

9 years old Joseph Sev, believes he would be in a position to help much less privileged talented children someday. Born a twin, poor and raised by a single mother, this talented dancer is no stranger to hardship.

However, the kid is determined to make a difference and excel as a dancer. His story is not unique as there are so many talented kids in need of opportunities to grow. That said, Joseph Sev aka Tboi is standing out amongst many, acting on his dreams.

We shot the video below when we visited the kid’s makeshift home recently. No one should ever be forced to live in such conditions. It is amazing how Tboi continues to excel in school and stay determined to be a great dancer. 

In the coming weeks, we will embark on a follow up visit as part of our Hustle & Grow web series. If you would like to support this kid in any form, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


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