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From Citizen To General, A Tribute



General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Rtd, the former head of state is the longest serving military President in Nigeria. Born into the family of Alhaji Mohammad And Aisha in Niger State, Babangida had his education in Government college Bida, Niger state. He joined the army in 1962 where he was trained in the Nigerian Military Training College (NDA now) and graduated in 1963 with a rank of second lieutenant.

Babangida had his military training both in Nigeria and abroad. He attended the Indian military academy in 1963 alongside Garba Duba and Ibrahim Sadau both from NMTC.

Maradona, as he’s fondly called by the Nigerian press did so many remarkable things within the period he steered the affairs of Nigeria as the 8th head of State. The history of Nigeria can not be completed without paying tribute to his contributions and achievements to the socio-economic development of Nigeria. While he was in power, he established a lot of agencies and constructed so many bridges and fixed a lot of roads across the country. Constructed the Toja bridge in Kebbi. Maradona also created the Jibia water treatment plant and the Challawa dam in Kano.

Babangida equally had the third mainland bridge commissioned in 1990, as the longest bridge in Africa, connecting Lagos island to the main land. Although, in 1996, another bridge called 6th October was completed in Cairo, making it the most longest bridge in Africa.  Some of the numerous achievements of President Babangida are;

•Establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA )

•Establishment of the Nigeria Agricultural Land Development Authority ( NALDA )

•Establishment of the Federal Road Safety Commission.

•Establishment of the National Productivity Centre.

•Establishment of the National Economic Reconstruction Fund ( NERFUND )

•Establishment of the National Political Bureau.

•Establishment of the Directorate of Foods, Roads and Rural Infrastructure ( DFRRI )

•Establishment of the Centre for Democratic Studies.

•Introduction of Structural Adjustment Program ( SAP )

•Introduction of Civil Service Reforms.

•Creation of New Local Government Systems.

•Creation of 136 local government councils ( NLGAS )

•Creation of Export Processing Zone.

•Creation of the Presidency.

•Creation of 11 New States.

•Introduction of Political Transition Program.

•Introduction of Primary Health Care.

And others too numerous to mention here. Under his regime, eleven more states were created with Akwa Ibom and Katsina States in 1987, and Abia, Enugu, Delta, Jigawa, Kebbi, Osun, Kogi, Taraba and Yobe in 1991, bringing the total number of states in Nigeria to thirty (30).

While I was growing up as a kid, I heard a lot about the fearless General from my late father who knew him personally. Not only my dad says good about Babangida, but Nigerians as well. And interestingly, all I heard about him manifested when I finally visited him in November this year at his residence in Minna, Niger State.

Because of his courageous act of bravery, Babangida was admitted into the supreme military Council (SMC) during the administration of General Murtala Mohammed, making him the most junior officer in the highest ruling authority. His role in foiling Dimka’s led coup against General Murtala brought his fame and wider recognition and respect in and out of the military. He was able to successfully dislodge armed Dimka from the broadcasting House unarmed and without shedding any blood.

In 1986, General Babangida launched the structural adjustment program (SAP). A program geared to reduce dependence on the external sector and eliminate price distortions induced by an overvalued currency, and among the policies of SAP are;

1. Deregulation of the agricultural sector to include abortion of marketing boards and elimination of price controls.

2. Privatization of public enterprises.

3. Devaluation of the Nigerian Naira to improve the competitiveness of the export sector.

4. Relaxation of restraints on foreign investment put in place by the Gowon and Obasanjo governments during the 1970s. And many others

Between 1986 and 1988, these policies were executed as intended by the international monetary fund (IMF) and the Nigerian economy actually did grow as had been hoped, with the export sector performing well.

Another remarkable achievement recorded by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida was the relocation of Nigeria’s Capital from Lagos to Abuja, been the centre of the country. Though, the idea was not supported by most of the people from Lagos, Yoruba particularly, but on December 12, 1991, Babangida with the support of the then Chief of Defence staff Genaral Abacha were able to completely relocate the activities of the government to Abuja.

 The idea of moving the capital from Lagos to Abuja on ground of security, over population, lack of land for exportation, neutrality, purpose and an expression of Independence was initiated by the military government of General Murtala Mohammed in 1957 when a panel of 7 men was set up to examine the issue of a new capital city for Nigeria under the chairmanship of Dr Akinola Aguda. The panel recommended Abuja.

As a result of his numerous achievements, Madonna university in Anambra State conferred him with an honorary doctorate degree. It’s interesting to know that Babangida’s administration enacted the law for the establishment of private universities to exist side by side with those of the Federal and state governments.

The fearless military officer is endowed with a high sense of charm and generosity. The abundance of care, compassion and sympathy in him is second to none. He is always willing to offer a helping hand to the needy ones irrespective of their tribe, religion or political affiliation. His popularity back in school ( both primary and secondary) earned him the position of Head boy in his final year. Maradona was undoubtedly an intelligent military officer who rose from junior officer to the most exalted rank of a General within a short period of time.

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1 Comment

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    July 17, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

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5 Ways Your Caterer Can Ruin Your Event or Party



A well-planned event/party seems to run flawlessly. Drinks flow, food is served appropriately, empty plates cleared away, and there never seems to be any mess! Creating a smooth-running event is more than just arriving with food and drinks – there is also a fair bit of science behind a fabulous party! When a caterer asks you a lot of questions before giving you a full estimate, it is because they are trying to determine all the variables in the “party equation.” This way, they can determine the perfect menu. And amount of items needed to bring to your party to make your event a success!

This is really good and should be the case always for any event, but…

There are equal cases where the exact opposite of the above is experienced and events end up being a disaster in terms of food, drinks, and other refreshments. On that note, here are 5 possible ways your caterer can ruin your event.

Food Poisoning: This can be a real big disaster if you ask me. Now I’m not talking about guests being poisoned in the real sense of it. No, not at all! What I mean is a situation where the food is not well made or some guests are allergic to something in the food. And they have to keep going to the bathroom, taking turns in the process. This will totally ruin the day and give guests something unpleasant to talk about long after the event.

Not Enough Food: This is one bad experience that keeps occurring in a lot of events today. You’re invited to a party or an event with the hope that you will get proper refreshment, because you were counted (Invitation). When it’s time to be served, the catering attendant tells you there’s no more food and nothing can be done about it. This is one experience I wouldn’t want any event organiser to go through, especially if the flaw came from the Caterer.

Caterer not showing up on Time: Imagine having to organise an event where everything seemed to be going smoothly, guests are having a great time, up to the point where the time for food and refreshments come up. You look around for the Caterer, who was supposed to have showed up long before the event commenced and the caterer is nowhere to be found. Imagine if you have already paid the caterer ahead for the service, yet the caterer still shows up late or, disappears during the event or in a worse case, does not show up at all.

Corrupt Caterer: Think about this for a minute; you have paid your caterer based on your needs. You have also communicated the importance of quality to your caterer and not just quantity. Then in the middle of the event, the food is served and you notice everyone squeezing their face in a disappointing manner. You then taste the food yourself and find out that your caterer did not just go against your requirements and instructions, but went ahead to provide distasteful food. How would you feel? I sure know how I would feel…

Overall Terrible Service: Think about this as well. You’ve planned out a great birthday party, the venue is amazing, great decor, fantastic music and entertainment, and everybody is having a nice time. Then the menu is served; your caterer comes in with his/her entourage and you expect to have a great service to round things up. Imagine this is not the case, first the food isn’t tasty as expected, and the Caterer’s attendants are as rude as can be without the slightest knowledge of proper customer service & etiquette. To worsen things, the food and drinks finishes before half the guests arrive. Do I need to ask again how you would feel?, specializes in showcasing only, caterers with a wealth of experience, mostly with respect to service delivery and professionalism. Caterers on are properly scrutinized and reviewed appropriately before being registered on the platform. So that when the next client comes calling, he/she will be well informed towards making a good choice/selection.

Are you looking for a Caterer to make your event special and memorable? Visit today, your peace of mind matters to us.

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Introducing The Nigeria Association of Refrigerators and Air-conditioning Practitioners



Based on research, it’s been established that not a lot of Nigerians, especially Lagos Residents, are aware that there exists a legal Association for Artisans who are into everything Refrigerator and Air-conditioners. Talking about the technicians who Install, fix and maintain these household appliances.

Did you know such an Association existed? My guess is No, you probably didn’t. That’s fine and well understood; hence the provision of this article, to somewhat officially introduce the Nigerian Association of Refrigerator and Air-conditioning Practitioners of Nigeria (NARAP), Lagos Chapter.

The association has been in existence for a number of years now; with members (Artisans) providing installation and maintenance services with regards Air-conditioners and refrigerators to residents of Lagos state. With respect to the services they offer, the association consists of competent and dedicated technicians spread across all the local government areas of Lagos state. Apart from the regular installation and maintenance of the household appliances in question; the existence of the association was to also provide some regulation in terms of consistent quality service with the technicians, as well as verification of licensed technicians.

Partnership with

To further show case their availability as well as make known their services to the public, the leadership of the association in 2016, took a strategic decision to partner with, Nigeria’s No.1 aggregator of artisan/blue collar services in Nigeria. Now, you can comfortably request the services of a qualified and competent refrigerator technician or an Air-conditioner technician, without the fear of getting a less quality service. From the comfort of your home.

You are also guaranteed that proper verification and profiling of these artisans are appropriately conducted before they’re registered on

Services Offered by the Association

  • Air conditioner Installation
  • Air conditioner Maintenance
  • Air conditioner Spare Parts
  • Fridge Installation
  • Fridge Maintenance
  • Fridge Spare Parts
  • Vehicle Air conditioner maintenance
  • Vehicle Air conditioner Installation

Conclusively, when next the need arises to engage the services of an AC technician or a refrigerator technician; don’t look too far. Visit today and request a TRUSTED SERVICE. Note that you can login to rate and comment on the artisan you engage with after the service has been rendered.

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Introducing the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers & Cosmetologists



The Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (NASHCO) has been in existence since the 1970s, precisely founded on the 19th of May 1978. The Association is a well known one with a huge membership database across the Country.

As part of the aim of its existence, the association was founded to provide a forum where Hairdressers as well as Cosmetologists could have their common problems dealt with fairly and timely. They also wanted to ensure that high professional standards and ethics within the field were constantly adhered to, in order to foster trust and confidence with their customers and partners. The motto of the association is “UNITY AND STRENGTH”.

However, in light of this knowledge which I believe generally precedes one’s revelation of the existence of “NASHCO”, there are 3 important things you probably did not know about the association and it’s really funny, because these 3 things are what has given the association the much credibility and recognition it continues to enjoy today.

Here they are:
1- It’s amazing to note that “NASHCO” has recorded an amazing growth in membership over the years. Just in Lagos alone, the State Chapter of NASHCO currently records over 10,000 registered members in all 20 local government areas and 37 local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) of the state.

In all states, the state body is headed by the President and Executives; the LGAs and LCDAs are headed by a Chairperson, while the various areas under each LGA/LCDA are headed by a Zonal Head. In Lagos, meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month, with the exception of December.

2- NASHCO is registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry

3- NASHCO is equally registered with the Lagos State Wealth Creation and Empowerment.

The Association’s Partnership With

Not too long ago, the association made a decision to partner with, Nigeria’s first online aggregator for Artisans/blue collar services in Nigeria. In a statement made by the Lagos state chapter Chairperson who said, “Jambolo has provided a platform for us to showcase our products and services and as such we believe this partnership will place our members in a position to compete effectively and deliver quality services to our customers in Lagos State.” It is to be observed that the Association is positioned towards providing quality service and satisfaction to her customers, clients and partners.

Artisans that are a part of the Association include but not limited to:

1. Hairdressers

2. Cosmetologists

3. Body Care Specialists

4. Make-Up Artists

5. Nail Stylists

If you want to enjoy great styling with regards your looks. If you want to enjoy consistent affordable rates when next you are in search of an hairdresser or a cosmetologist; just log on to and with one click, locate the beauty you get access to professional service, from the comfort of your home.

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