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How A Help Almost Sold Her Boss’ Children Into Slavery



How Well Do You Know Your Artisan? A very good question right? I know you would probably be wondering why I’m asking such a question. Well, the fact remains that a lot of us claim we know or even have a relationship with the artisans who work for us. That plumber, that electrician, that house-help, that hair dresser and so on.

Do these guys really offer the value they claim when met initially? Are they really who they claim to be?

Let me tell you a little story and why it’s a BIG ISSUE to know your Artisan to an extensive level.

I have a friend who employed a house-help about 3 months ago to help with looking after her 2 baby boys. And also to help with cleaning the house. The house-help was recommended by an “Agency” (There are so many of them around currently). No background check was done on the girl, no profiling or the like. All she had was a single Guarantor who was able to stand for her (so we thought). At the time, my friend was desperately in need of a help, as a result of her new Job. So she felt the Guarantor was enough and did not bother to follow up (Big mistake).

A month after the girl (House-help) was employed; the Lady (my good friend) noticed that she was always requesting to go on off duty at least twice a week. The help would call her at work and tell her she needed to visit her people for one funny reason or the other. Unknown to her, this Help was actually making plans to kidnap her bosses 2 sons and sell to some Criminal syndicates. All for a mere N100,000 compensation, N50k for each Child.

As God would have it, the day she planned to execute her diabolical plans, happened to be the same day my friend’s neighbour (They all stay in the same compound) took leave to stay off work. The neighbour saw her leaving the house with the boys on the pretext that she was going to buy some food items for the Children. The neighbour, a bit uncomfortable, knowing that the Help had never taken the kids out to buy anything in the past; decided to follow her discreetly without her notice, at least to confirm she was actually going to buy something.

Cut the long story, the HELP was caught while doing the transaction and the Children were saved. The Parents alerted and the Police involved.

This may seem to be a story with a good ending, but truth be told, there are cases where the end wasn’t as palatable. With the parties involved left with regrets and sorrow.

So back to my question, “How Well Do You Know Your Artisan?”


On, you can be sure of proper verification, as well as proper historical background check and profiling for all Artisans engaged on the platform. equally goes as far as ensuring Artisans are reviewed appropriately before their services are engaged.

So the next time, you want to engage an Artisan, think security.

Engage your next Artisan on and enjoy peace of mind. You can reach Contact Centre for inquiries today via 09090022116 and 09090033116

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Introducing The Nigeria Association of Refrigerators and Air-conditioning Practitioners



Based on research, it’s been established that not a lot of Nigerians, especially Lagos Residents, are aware that there exists a legal Association for Artisans who are into everything Refrigerator and Air-conditioners. Talking about the technicians who Install, fix and maintain these household appliances.

Did you know such an Association existed? My guess is No, you probably didn’t. That’s fine and well understood; hence the provision of this article, to somewhat officially introduce the Nigerian Association of Refrigerator and Air-conditioning Practitioners of Nigeria (NARAP), Lagos Chapter.

The association has been in existence for a number of years now; with members (Artisans) providing installation and maintenance services with regards Air-conditioners and refrigerators to residents of Lagos state. With respect to the services they offer, the association consists of competent and dedicated technicians spread across all the local government areas of Lagos state. Apart from the regular installation and maintenance of the household appliances in question; the existence of the association was to also provide some regulation in terms of consistent quality service with the technicians, as well as verification of licensed technicians.

Partnership with

To further show case their availability as well as make known their services to the public, the leadership of the association in 2016, took a strategic decision to partner with, Nigeria’s No.1 aggregator of artisan/blue collar services in Nigeria. Now, you can comfortably request the services of a qualified and competent refrigerator technician or an Air-conditioner technician, without the fear of getting a less quality service. From the comfort of your home.

You are also guaranteed that proper verification and profiling of these artisans are appropriately conducted before they’re registered on

Services Offered by the Association

  • Air conditioner Installation
  • Air conditioner Maintenance
  • Air conditioner Spare Parts
  • Fridge Installation
  • Fridge Maintenance
  • Fridge Spare Parts
  • Vehicle Air conditioner maintenance
  • Vehicle Air conditioner Installation

Conclusively, when next the need arises to engage the services of an AC technician or a refrigerator technician; don’t look too far. Visit today and request a TRUSTED SERVICE. Note that you can login to rate and comment on the artisan you engage with after the service has been rendered.

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Introducing the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers & Cosmetologists



The Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (NASHCO) has been in existence since the 1970s, precisely founded on the 19th of May 1978. The Association is a well known one with a huge membership database across the Country.

As part of the aim of its existence, the association was founded to provide a forum where Hairdressers as well as Cosmetologists could have their common problems dealt with fairly and timely. They also wanted to ensure that high professional standards and ethics within the field were constantly adhered to, in order to foster trust and confidence with their customers and partners. The motto of the association is “UNITY AND STRENGTH”.

However, in light of this knowledge which I believe generally precedes one’s revelation of the existence of “NASHCO”, there are 3 important things you probably did not know about the association and it’s really funny, because these 3 things are what has given the association the much credibility and recognition it continues to enjoy today.

Here they are:
1- It’s amazing to note that “NASHCO” has recorded an amazing growth in membership over the years. Just in Lagos alone, the State Chapter of NASHCO currently records over 10,000 registered members in all 20 local government areas and 37 local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) of the state.

In all states, the state body is headed by the President and Executives; the LGAs and LCDAs are headed by a Chairperson, while the various areas under each LGA/LCDA are headed by a Zonal Head. In Lagos, meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month, with the exception of December.

2- NASHCO is registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry

3- NASHCO is equally registered with the Lagos State Wealth Creation and Empowerment.

The Association’s Partnership With

Not too long ago, the association made a decision to partner with, Nigeria’s first online aggregator for Artisans/blue collar services in Nigeria. In a statement made by the Lagos state chapter Chairperson who said, “Jambolo has provided a platform for us to showcase our products and services and as such we believe this partnership will place our members in a position to compete effectively and deliver quality services to our customers in Lagos State.” It is to be observed that the Association is positioned towards providing quality service and satisfaction to her customers, clients and partners.

Artisans that are a part of the Association include but not limited to:

1. Hairdressers

2. Cosmetologists

3. Body Care Specialists

4. Make-Up Artists

5. Nail Stylists

If you want to enjoy great styling with regards your looks. If you want to enjoy consistent affordable rates when next you are in search of an hairdresser or a cosmetologist; just log on to and with one click, locate the beauty you get access to professional service, from the comfort of your home.

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