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How To Protect Your Relationship From Bad Friends – Guytalk Podcast



We all know that a relationship can ruin friendship and friendship can ruin a relationship. There are cases where some friends purposely try to ruin relations with your spouse. Some times its not even intentional.

This will be the very first podcast to be published on We are proud of whats coming from our friends at Guytalk Podcast. It gets better. In this episode of Guytalk, they talk about managing and protecting your relationship from friends, without hurting friendship.

By pointing out and magnifying facts about one’s spouse or hubby, friends sometimes taint one’s perception of their spouses. Unfortunately, such peer pressure has resulting in many cases to regrets and heartbreak leading many to do things they would not normally do.¬†Listen to Jayson, Amah, ItsA9no and Tdazle offer ways to manage friendships and relationships so that one does not ruin the other.
Play below or download here.

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Guytalk Podcast: 5 Reasons Why Young People Become Suicidal



This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses major factors that lead to suicidal tendencies in young people. Why are many young people going into depression lately?

The rates of Suicides continue to increase on a daily basis. Recent events have shown that more and more people are getting depressed.

Some factors are like Peer Pressure, Family Pressure, Social Media, Financial Pressure etc. They often lead people to take rash decisions and go off the bend in suicides.

Listen to this episode of Guytalk Podcast. As we dissects the issue and clarifies how this suicides and depression can be managed.

Listen and Download:

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