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Investment Readiness Tips for startups



As a startup founder, you believe you have come up with a brilliant idea that will change the world. You are eager to show the brilliance of this idea and decide you need to raise a significant amount of capital to proceed.

Before jumping head first into trying to raise capital, it is important to determine whether you and your business idea are ready for investment. This helps you avoid the disappointment of rejections from investors, and also helps answer questions regarding the viability of your idea. 

Here are a few tips to get you ready for investment. 

1.  Ensure you are raising capital for the right reasons.

Question yourself. Are you raising capital because you are ready to raise capital of because you need to? Test the need to raise capital against continued bootstrapping .

2.  Determine what type of investment you are after. Understand how much funding you need. Choose the best funding model to fit your business. Do your research on potential investors. Make sure you are in alignment with your potential investors and vice versa.

3. Demonstrate Problem Solution Fit. Aim for emotional attachment to the solution and business. Show working MVPs if possible and evidence of product market fit.

4. Have your investment collateral ready. This includes your Elevator Pitch, Pitch Slide Deck, Business Plan and Financials (P&L, Cashflow).

5. Investing is emotional. They are investing in you, not just your business. Always believe in yourself and your business, especially when times are hard and results are not forthcoming. Stay determined, be passionate and strive for success at all times.


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5 Reasons To Invest in Money Market Fund While Young



At several points in a young individual’s life there can be times you have money you don’t know what to do with. In many situations, the money ends up spent rather than invested. Rather than go on a spending spree anytime you have with “free cash”, it would be wiser to look at easy ways to get guaranteed returns on investing the money.  One way of investing is money market fund.
In Nigeria, a typical money market fund gives an individual exposure to several highly liquid, low-risk investment. Examples include treasury bills, bonds, commercial papers,repurchase agreements and Certificate of Deposits.
Here are 5 reasons to invest in Money Market Funds:
  • You run very little risk of losing your money in securities like bonds and treasury bills. As they are issued by the Federal Government, your money is safe
  • Your investment is very liquid. This means you can convert it to cash on short notice with any accrued profits for that period. For certificates of deposit, you can cash out anytime you need to, however, you may incur penalties
  • The investment return arrangement of money market funds makes for an attractive investment. The earn rate of money market fund is higher than inflation rate by design and is better than a savings account
  • Investments in money market fund is possible with little amounts of money. Minimum investment amount varies per mutual fund manager chosen
  • Investing in money market fund is an easy and convenient way to start to learn about investments and financial literacy
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Africa-UK: Female Tech Founders 2020 Applications(Funding available)



Applications are open for fast rising female entrepreneurs based in Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. Launched by the International Tech Hub Network, the Africa-UK: Female Tech Founders 2020 is a programme for female entrepreneurs using tech to solve a local development challenge.

The programme will bring 15 of the continent’s most ambitious development-focused women entrepreneurs to the UK in January. 

Programme details:

Across a three day tailored programme (20 – 22 January), participants will benefit from masterclasses, events and workshops designed to provide in-depth training on how to scale and grow their business, expand into the UK, and how best to position their purpose-driven organisations. Participants will discover the UK’s thriving tech ecosystem, exploring new opportunities for global partnerships and increased investment through peer-to-peer networking.

The agenda will include: 

  • Training session led by successful female tech leaders sharing their funding journey
  • Masterclass event covering: protecting IP and raising offshore funding; accessing finance; scaling a purpose driven social impact business; protecting customers’ data
  • Roundtable with GEP alumni addressing scaling successfully in the UK
  • Tailored mentoring event with UK startups, including female founders
  • Innovation tour of co-working spaces, including Google Campus
  • Networking dinner with UK and African entrepreneurs

Activities will be delivered by UK tech experts and the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) Dealmakers and alumni, including prominent female tech leaders. 

The programme will be delivered alongside the Africa Investment Summit, taking place in London on 20 January. Winners are expected to be able to attend the Summit.

Five founders from each country will be selected to join the delegation to the UK in January 2020. 

Application deadline is 21 November 5pm (GMT).


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