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Subliminal Branding According to Four Big Online Brands



Brands perceived as winning brands have been known to have certain unique identity so much so that even before you get to engage them, you probably already have a clue what they are about.

With a unique identity, a brand is perceived as strong in the mist of competition by consumers and potential consumers. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are good examples of brands that have been able to educate potential clients about what they are about even before they fully engage.

Instagram – Insta = Instant  ⁄ Gram = Limelight

Takeaway – From the brand name, you are being told what the social networking platform is about. Their ideology, their value, all of these are subliminally highlighted in the brand name. The platform presents an opportunity for individuals and brands to be seen and held through visuals and worded content. There are no limits to how much of a star an individual or brand can become on Instagram.

Twitter – Tweet, tweet, tweet, like the singing of birds.

Takeaway – The sound of the word ‘tweet’ reminds me of singing birds. Birds can sing for hours nonstop. I strongly believe this was how the name came about. The iconic bird in the brand’s logo makes it obvious. Twitter wants you to come sing on Twitter, sing nonstop if you can with 140 characters.

Facebook – Face = Your Face  ⁄  Book = we all know what a book is.

Takeaway – We have used note books for decades, a custom that was at some point an innovation. Facebook is a platform where people can express themselves through writing or posting; just like how we document things on notebooks. But this time digitally, more interactive and interesting. You get to put up your face, share and interact with other users. A fit you could not necessarily do with a note book. Makes senses right?

Pinterest – Pin = Pin  ⁄  Interest = things you are interested in

As easy as the name sounds, the brand is simply telling you that you are welcome to pin and share your interest. Pinterest wants you to go about the site pinning posts that are of interest to you.

These names might sound simply but they are iconic brand names that have and will continue to stand the test of time. When choosing a brand name for your brand, make such you consider a number of factors like; does your brand have a story? Brand names are most likely to be memorable when they create a personal story behind them. Anyone can put together nicely sounding words randomly for a brand name. However, this can put your brand at risk of not resonating with your target audience.

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  1. Momoh A.

    January 23, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Interesting post

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Canva.com is now on Android and that’s exciting



Exciting times ahead for technology. 10, 20 years ago who would have thought we would have WhatsApp, Instagram or even hologram toda. Technology is making life easier for us on a daily basis.

If you are a content or graphics person, you probably use or have heard of Canva.com. Just in case you don’t know. Canva.com is a platform that makes it easy for individuals to create graphics for blog posts, social media posts, resumes and a lot more.

You do not have to be a professional graphics designer to create amazing graphics with Canva as the platform is user friendly and free as long as you use the free templates.

What is new and exciting about the Canva is that you can now use it one mobile. They just launched an Android App. Something folks like myself have been waiting for like forever. If you are the type that creates content on the go, you will understand the excitement.

The platform already has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store even though it was just launched about 2 weeks ago. Amazing isn’t it. Now that’s a sign of awesomeness.

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5 ways market research can help you stay in business



For many small businesses, management of all aspects of a business is a daunting task. The added responsibility of market research makes it even more intimidating. Nonetheless, the aim of any business is usually to stay afloat and succeed. To achieve this, it’s important to understand the relevant market figures. Market research is that activity that empowers businesses make informed business decisions.

Here are 5 ways market research helps you stay in business

You make better business decisions

Some businesses rely on guess work when embarking on marketing initiatives. While some others launch a new product or service without testing customer responses. Market research enables one to make sound business decisions from research data. Decisions that are relevant to the success of a venture.

Become empowered to evolve business venture

Market research helps you know when it’s time to adopt or abolish business practices. It empowers a business to stay abreast of applicable efforts that facilitate business growth. Researching evolving trends and being strategic helps a business succeed.

Deep understanding of the target market

The best way to better understand your market is through market research. It tells who your customers and potential customers are and how best to meet their needs. Deep insights help you focus on the right market segments and consumers. Collecting market data is critical to understanding your target market. Such data enables the uncovering of critical drivers and factors that influence buying behaviour. Strategic application of market data helps your brand experience growth.

Effective marketing efforts for your business

Market research helps you determine the right advertising channels to engage. The next step is to develop effective messages to appeal to and convert the audience. It also helps you understand the right approach to use for the intended audience and when to use them. Market data helps you over develop and apply your target market behavioural trend. In turn, this helps you improve marketing efforts for your business.

Adopt a customer focused approach

Any business that relies on customers purchasing cannot afford to have unhappy customers. Having happy customers should be the focus of every business to achieve their set goals. Market research plays a huge part in that.

Market research helps you interact with customers to get feedback about your business. This in turn helps to develop efforts focused on keeping your customers happier.

We intend to do a follow up article to this discussing what research activity helps your business and how to go about it. Kindly drop your feedback and questions. We love to hear from you readers.

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