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Subliminal Branding According to Four Big Online Brands



Brands perceived as winning brands have been known to have certain unique identity so much so that even before you get to engage them, you probably already have a clue what they are about.

With a unique identity, a brand is perceived as strong in the mist of competition by consumers and potential consumers. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are good examples of brands that have been able to educate potential clients about what they are about even before they fully engage.

Instagram – Insta = Instant  ⁄ Gram = Limelight

Takeaway – From the brand name, you are being told what the social networking platform is about. Their ideology, their value, all of these are subliminally highlighted in the brand name. The platform presents an opportunity for individuals and brands to be seen and held through visuals and worded content. There are no limits to how much of a star an individual or brand can become on Instagram.

Twitter – Tweet, tweet, tweet, like the singing of birds.

Takeaway – The sound of the word ‘tweet’ reminds me of singing birds. Birds can sing for hours nonstop. I strongly believe this was how the name came about. The iconic bird in the brand’s logo makes it obvious. Twitter wants you to come sing on Twitter, sing nonstop if you can with 140 characters.

Facebook – Face = Your Face  ⁄  Book = we all know what a book is.

Takeaway – We have used note books for decades, a custom that was at some point an innovation. Facebook is a platform where people can express themselves through writing or posting; just like how we document things on notebooks. But this time digitally, more interactive and interesting. You get to put up your face, share and interact with other users. A fit you could not necessarily do with a note book. Makes senses right?

Pinterest – Pin = Pin  ⁄  Interest = things you are interested in

As easy as the name sounds, the brand is simply telling you that you are welcome to pin and share your interest. Pinterest wants you to go about the site pinning posts that are of interest to you.

These names might sound simply but they are iconic brand names that have and will continue to stand the test of time. When choosing a brand name for your brand, make such you consider a number of factors like; does your brand have a story? Brand names are most likely to be memorable when they create a personal story behind them. Anyone can put together nicely sounding words randomly for a brand name. However, this can put your brand at risk of not resonating with your target audience.

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    January 23, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Interesting post

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Marketing Communications

What A Marketing Communications Strategy Is And How To Do It Right



What is marketing communications strategy?

Marketing communications strategy is the strategy used by a company or individual to reach their target market through various types of communication. It includes your message (what is to be said), the medium (where it is to be said), and the target (to whom your message is reaching).

You might be wondering: what’s a marketing communications strategy that always works, even without a budget?

Easy: build relationships with journalists to get press coverage, guest posts, and backlinks.

Marketing communications or Public Relations is the ‘Promotion’ bit of the “4P’s of marketing” you might have learned during your university days (product, place, price, promotion).

Since “marketing communications strategy” is a mouthful, most people just shorten it to “Public Relations” which essentially uses online channels and software to identify relevant journalists, pitch them suitable stories and earn free media coverage.

Usually, PR strategy means building top of mind awareness amongst your ideal customers about the product or offer.

How you go about this will depend a lot on your experience, industry, and budget. If your marketing plan has a budget of a million dollars to spare, you can reach out to your target market with a promotional mix that includes TV or Facebook ads.

However, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want to promote your business without breaking the bank.
And there is no better way to do that than by managing your own PR campaign internally without retaining the services of a media relations company or a full-service marketing company.

Wait, do you mean “free as in ‘free lunch”?

Exactly! If you apply the methods in this post to your own marketing communications strategy, you’ll learn how to build lasting relationships with journalists and influencers, get free press, and acquire more customers through a sustainable organic approach.

Anyone from your team can easily play the role of a marketing communications manager. You don’t even need to hire a dedicated marketing communications specialist!

Read More criminallyprolific.com

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Why Having A Strong Brand Is Good Business



converse shoes

Good branding, more than just a recognizable logo, enhances the reputation of your company. It offers guidance and inspiration for employees, and makes it easier to attract new customers. What is a brand, then?

A brand represents the bulk of the masses perception of, but not limited to your organization’s customer service, credibility, logo, and advertising. Putting together all of these pieces to work makes for a strong brand. Similarly, brand identity is a combination of all the elements your organization develops to portray the right brand image to your customers. 

Why is it important to have a strong brand?

1. Branding Boosts Recognition

Underestimating the power of familiarity is one thing you should never do.  It is important to have a logo that stands out. When you have a well known brand logo, people can easily recognize your products when they see them.nasco coffee maker

A professional logo is strong enough to give your business the desired impression but also simple enough to be unforgettable. That said, customers are more likely to grab a product that is memorable and recognizable from a supermarket shelf filled with products. Why? you may ask. The reason is because it is a familiar product. 

2. Branding Motivates Staff

Your employees are more likely to support and strive towards achieving set goals and the vision when they clearly understand the set goals, your mission and vision.

That is, your staff will rally around your cause if it is clear to them. They will not just see themselves as mere workers but as brand owners and advocates believing that if the brand succeeds, they too will succeed. 

3. Branding Creates Value

Consumers are more likely to value products that are branded more than those that are not. Do you agree? Look at both photos below. Would you rather buy product A or B? I bet your answer is B. Am I right? B is branded, on the other hand, A looks plain. Furthermore, A can be perceived as fake, or of lesser quality compared to B. 

bottles of water, one branded and the other is not branded

Business growth is more likely when you have a strong brand. 

Also note that, in a situation whereby your organization is in a the position to raise money for expansion, engage vendors for better deals or attract investors, being perceived as valuable, places your company in a better position to reach set out goals. 

4. Branding Boost Trust

People are more likely to buy from a business that is perceived to be legitimate and polished. Such trust can be built with a combination of PR, advertising, customer service delivery, loyalty programs as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Brands that are able to gain the trust of their customers over time tend to be more profitable. In addition, brand trust is an insurance policy, as it ensures consumer confidence in a brand, regardless of factors like competition and recession. 

5. Branding Attracts New Customers

When you are able to build a brand that is perceived as a notable brand, customers will be willing to become advocates at no cost. This helps your brand generate word-of-mouth referrals.

The most successful brands in Nigeria and even globally today, whether small, or large are those that have being able to established themselves as leaders in their industries. They are regarded as leaders because of their ability to build strong brands. Starting from having a strong logo, reputation, strategy, customer service etc. New customers are more willing to try your products when you have a strong brand. 


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