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The African Boxing Scene Is About To Get More Exciting



A couple months ago I wrote about a boxing revolution that is to come in Nigeria. Sports in Nigeria especially sports like boxing have taken the backseat for awhile now. There are so many talented boxers in Nigeria craving and working hard as much as they can for an opportunity to be in the spot light.

Such an opportunity came in March with Saleh Gloves Promotions hosting a very successful boxing event in Lagos, Nigeria. Saleh Gloves Promotions is a licensed Boxing Promotions company operating out of Lagos. Involved in talent sourcing, talent development and support. The brand also runs an NGO project called ‘They Deserve To Dream’. With the aim of providing training and development, management, welfare and financial support for young talented sports men and women in Africa.

SGP Boxing 001 was a charity boxing event held on the 25th of March 2018 at Mobolaji Johnson Indoor Sports Hall, Rowe Park, Yaba, Lagos. With an unexpected massive turn out and quality fights like never seen before in the region. With 5 professional bouts and 7 amateur bouts. Of the 5 professional bouts 2 were between Nigerian and Ghanaian fighters, Lawal ‘D Realshow Boi’ Riliwan vs Issaac ‘Zongo Fire’ Dowuona and  Kabiru ‘Godson’ Towolawi vs Stephen #Warrior’ Abbey respectively.

Both fights were won by the 2 Nigerians Lawal ‘D Realshow Boi’ Riliwan and Kabiru ‘Godson’ Towolawi. Over 800 tickets sold with the organizers forced to turn down some fans that wanted tickets last minute. Obviously, SGP boxing 001 was a great success.

The crew from TVC interviewing the founder of Saleh Gloves Promotions, Mr Saleh Fawaz during the weigh in ceremony of SGP Boxing 001 held in March 2018.

President of Nigeria Boxing Board of Control (NBB of C) Dr. Rafiu Ladipo with a TVC reporter at the weigh in ceremony.

Lawal ‘D Realshow Boi’ Riliwan of Nigeria, landing a powerful right jab that almost knocked out Issaac ‘Zongo Fire’.

Both Lawal ‘D Realshow Boi’ Riliwan of Nigeria and Issaac ‘Zongo Fire’ Dowuona of Ghana waiting to be announced winner at SGP Boxing 001.

Kabiru ‘Godson’ Towolawi of Nigeria in the green and white trunks going head to head with Stephen #Warrior’ Abbey of Ghana in the black trunks

International recognized world boxing Cruiserweight champion in attendance and special guest, Olanrewaju Durodola.

International recognized boxers; King Davidson and Tony Salam (commentators) taking a quick photograph with the ring girls.

Some members of the medical team on ground and VIPs at SGP Boxing 001.                                                                         

Amateur boxers, members of the Nigerian Boxing Association with the founder of Saleh Gloves Promotions, Mr Saleh Fawaz.

Silverbird TV host interviewing an amateur boxer at SGP Boxing 001

SGP Boxing 002 is expected to be a much bigger boxing event with 3 Title Fights among other breathtaking bouts. The Title Fights will include National Titles from 2 different weight divisions and 1 International Title on the line. SGP Boxing 002 is expected to be held in the indoor sports hall of National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. A much bigger location compared to Mobolaji Johnson Indoor Sports Hall, Rowe Park, Yaba. Where SGP Boxing 001 was held.
SGP Boxing is a part of Saleh Gloves Promotions ‘They Deserve To Dream’ whose aim is to provide training and development, management, welfare and financial support for young talented sports men and women in Africa.
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An NGO holds a Leadership Retreat for University Students



CSI Peace Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization whose main objective is to promote Peaceful co-existence and offer Humanitarian services to members of the society facilitated a 2 days retreat for “Emerging Leadership of Gamj, University of Abuja chapter in Gwagwalada.

The Gamji is a platform for the Association of the 19 Northern States to be coordinated under one umbrella for easier collaboration and communication is being chaired by Comrade Haruna Muhammed Pai as the President.

The retreat started with the unveiling of the agenda for the new Student’ leaders of Gamji. Those who were recently elected were the Executives of Gamji. As well as the leaders of the 19 associations of Northern States in the university.

The events was titled” Effective Leadership, a tool for sustainable future”
It was moderated by Sanni Inuwa Baba, the founder of CSI Peace Foundation and had speakers like Dr. Sharif of the political science of the University; who also presented certificates of attendance to the members of the event present.

During his remarks, Sanni Inuwa Baba presented to the attendants of the event, the importance of exhibiting some of the good qualities of a leader; there must be honesty and integrity in all their actions, they must possess a high level of confidence and also have empathy to inspire others. Furthermore, each of them should be creative and very innovative. Dr Sharif, professor of political science, who specializes in international politics described activism as a vigorous campaign to bring about a political or social change. He urged the Leadership of Gamji to be steadfast in both their education and the struggle for a better future.

He gave in details the history of Nelson Mandela’s struggle for equal right, as well as that of the charismatic and iconic revolutionary, Thomas Sankara. The President of Gamji, Comrade Haruna lauched the 2020 Road map for the leadership of the association and reiterated his readiness to making a positive impact on the students as well as the management of the school throughout his tenure.

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Join the Global Startup Competition 2020




One of the coolest startup contest in the world is back again and this time bigger. The Global Startup Competition, Get In The Ring; is a platform for global exposure and investment opportunities for the most ambitious innovators around the world, who will be battling in the ring, competition for startup glory to become the hero startup.  

Open Applications & Public Voting 

Startups looking to join the 7th edition of the Global Startup Pitching competition can do so for free as applications are already open.

From all the Global Startup Competition submissions, the top 250 propitious startups will be revealed to the public. Selected startups will then go through public vote for their way into the Global Meetup. 

Selection Rounds: October 2019 – May 2020

Final @ Global Meetup May/June 2020

Want to get in the ring? Become a hero too. APPLY NOW 


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