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Together, let’s make Plateau Peaceful again – Sanni Inuwa Baba



When we were growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s, the name of Plateau State alone was attractive. Tourists from far and near had no better place than Plateau. Combined with the amazing weather, the people were very accommodating and seemed to be more exposed than many from other places. There was religious tolerance and parents taught their children to be respectful.

These days its not the same. A lot of parents are not bothered about their kids getting involved in crime, avoiding the responsibility of parenting. And for the religious leaders, we have a major problem these days in our country. Anyone can become a religious leader overnight without any credentials. There are too many ignorant “pastors” and “imams” preaching errors and leading people astray” said the Archbishop of Abuja, Cardinal John Onaiyekan.

In a bid to promote peace in Plateau State, I explained the importance of unity and effort the state government had made in a bid to unite its citizens. All in my recent article titled “Lalong’s social inclusion Model: A sure cure for Nigeria’s prevailing unrest“.

It has been trying times in Jos in the past couple of months. With the re-emergence of thugs in our city streets. Thugs that go by the name “Sara-Suka” thugs. These young men after taking hard drugs, walk majestically on the streets with harmful objects; They attack any person including women and children they find on their way. An operation they named “Shara” (To sweep). These actions are not particular to Plateau but some neighboring states as well.

To curb this menace, the state government issued a statement that anyone seen with a harmful object would be dealt with. The thugs drastically disappeared as the military and other security agencies were seen all over the city making some arrests.

Just when we thought normalcy was returning to the once most peaceful city, came the unfortunate bloodshed that ended so many lives. Many innocent souls were lost either on the beds massacred with their loving families or on the road burned in their cars. An incidence we always prayed not to even happen to our worst enemies. Such barbaric action should be seriously condemned by any Peace loving Nigerian.

There’s hardly a political action that has effect on the Nation without the mention of Plateau. The state produced some of the best entertainers as well as footballers, whether indigenes or not. For decades, people from distance found a home on the Plateau.

In as much as it’s the government’s full responsibility to protect our lives and properties, we must equally come together and shame the devils who masquerade amongst us. We must fish them out and flush them. This is not the time for blame games. In such crisis, we need and must seek lasting solutions. We should not allow this unfortunate incidence divide us more.

Sending and posting all the videos of the killings isn’t necessary. There’s no need forcing ourselves to justify who was right and who was wrong. Taking another person’s life for whatsoever reason is inhuman. With such actions, we might unknowingly be encouraging more disasters to our lands.

We, the people on the Plateau must go back to our old ways of tolerating each other and accepting our differences. We should continue to be the role models we once were, the Peace setters.

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Why DJ Cuppy Should Quit Music As An Artist



If you are a Nigerian, you most likely already know who DJ Cuppy is. Ms. Otedola is a Business and Economics graduate who also has a Master’s Degree in Music Business from New York University, USA. She is a renowned Dj and the daughter of Nigerian Businessman, Mr. Femi Otedola.

Many Nigerians got to know Dj Cuppy when she started Djing in Nigeria. Personally, I believe she is a talented Dj and has done well to inspire many upcoming DJs in Africa, regardless of status or ethnic group. However, I strongly believe Dj. Cuppy will make a lot more impact as a music business mogul. That is, instead of just continuing to DJ, produce and perform as an artist, she should consider investing in the industry as a record label owner like the likes of Don Jazzy and Davido.

That is, Dj Cuppy can upgrade her music management and content production business, Red Velvet Music Group to a creative media & entertainment company.

She has the capacity to pull the capital needed to make this happen in a major way. I envision a huge warehouse-like building in Lagos. Partitioned to house a mega music studio, a dance studio, a film studio, and even a music museum. Do you see where this is going?  

You were probably expecting me to bash her, right?. But no, this is not one of those – put the person down articles. Not at all. We are not about that life on steadygettingit.com. It’s all about empowering people over here, especially young Nigerians. Now let’s get back to our very own adorable Ms. Cuppy and why she should consider doing more than just singing or djing.

Posterity will smile on her for creating an avenue for a lot more talented individuals in Nigeria to attain limelight. She was able to pull the who is who in society together to raise over 5 billion Naira for her foundation recently. I have no doubt that she can make a record label and a lot more happen. Do you agree? Do you think she has the potential for success as a record label executive? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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Why Youth Empowerment Is Important In Nigeria



In today’s Nigeria, radical investment in youth development in other to boost human capital and the economy is extremely crucial. 

As a result, youth empowerment is the most critical long-term investment a nation can embark on for the future of its people in terms of prosperity and quality of life. 

Below are some of the reasons why Nigeria should treat youth empowerment as an emergency. 

  • Youth Empowerment To Fight Poverty 

The key to unlocking hidden capacity that can improve the standard of living of the average Nigerian is youth empowerment. Today’s youth will be the ones to lead societal growth or a lack of it in the future.

An empowered youth is freed from the fear of the unknown, insecurities as he or she possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to determine their destinies, as a result creating a continuously improving society.  Above all, without empowerment, a generation of potential innovators, investors and gurus will be lost.  An individual can only give with he or she has. For instant, an empty cup can not supply another cup with its content. 

  • The Economic Impact Of Youth Empowerment

Research shows that there is a strong correlation between economic growth and youth empowerment. In other words, possessing better knowledge and skills would have a direct impact on the economy of any country. With a knowledgeable workforce for example, productivity increases, quality of work increases, the quality of goods and services increase. The economy is better for it. 

 Furthermore, people with better knowledge and skills possess the capacity to earn more from their endeavors. This results in stronger consumer spending power. As one becomes employed, starts a business, and/or experience growth in earnings, his or her ability to purchase home appliances, cars, landed property, technology etc increases. This creates a positive ripple effect on the economy as various industries like auto manufacturing, tech, real estate and many more are directly impacted, leading to a growth in the nation’s GDP. 

  • The Need for A Long Term Social Network

In a country like Nigeria, where skills is not enough, there is a need to build a long term social network if one is to beat the poverty plague.

Without a support system, an individual is vulnerable to all types of disadvantages one can image. Youth empowerment strengthens connections and collaborations with other members of society, laying the foundation for life long value-added relationships. These relationships are vital to the development of better opportunities for the youth, families and the larger society. Recommendations for a project, a new job or business opportunity is important in Nigeria, making building one’s network more crucial. However, it takes empowerment to be able to build an effective network.

To conclude, the government, cooperate society and well off individuals need to do more to empower the youth. This is important, if they truly believe in the vision of having an advanced society for generations to come. 



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