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Unusual Marketing Tips For Nigerian Restaurants



I have been studying a number of restaurant brands operating in Lagos lately. A lot of them, small scale or upscale are still not leveraging social media. It is amazing that in 2017, many upscale restaurants are not active on social media.

Such brands are obviously missing out on opportunities to cost effectively boost brand awareness, engagement and sales via social media. If you run such a social media inactive restaurant, I suggest you reach out pronto.

However, for brands already utilizing social media strategies to market their restaurants; whether they are making the best use of the internet’s potential, remains the question.

That said, this article points out some unusual marketing strategies restaurants operating in Nigeria can gain from. They can also be applied effectively by restaurants anywhere. Strategies that can add value to your brand image and help boost sales long term.

Get Your Business On Local Directories + Paid Search Engines 

People are searching daily on the internet for restaurants nearby. Your restaurant showing up on top of local searches makes a lot of business sense. If you have not already, do list your brand in every local online directory possibly used by your target audience. Consider running paid Google search ads so your brand shows up on top of Google search when people search for nearby restaurants.

Promote On Grocery Receipts + Shopping Carts 

This might seem odd but it can be a great way to promote your restaurant. Consider partnering with local supermarket chains like Shoprite, Spar etc; to have your restaurant promoted on the back of grocery receipts and/ or shopping carts.

Partner with Like-minded Businesses Around You

By like-minded, I mean businesses nearby that compliment your business or have a similar audience. There are instances where partnering with the competition would be of great value to your brand. The business world is fast embracing collaborations today more than ever before. You know the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? It appeals here.

Look into collaborating with businesses that serve similar audiences. For example, a partnership with a cinema can be a great idea. Your customers can win cinema tickets when they eat at your restaurant at least twice a week for example. Or movie goers winning free meals at your restaurant when they visit the partnering cinema at least twice a week or a combination. There are so many ways both brands can spin a promotions partnership for a win-win.

Create A Friendly Work Space Environment 

Yes, you read that right. Allow people to work from your restaurant as long as they patronize you. Forget the fear of cheats i.e the fear that people will use your premises to carry out illegal business dealings taking advantage of your hospitality.

You can easily put measures in place to ensure that you attract the right people to your restaurant. Brands should know their customers anyway. You should know people that come in daily. You should be able to talk to your customers from time to time. Simple conversations with your customers will allow for a better understanding of what they do.

There is an opportunity here to boost sales as there are so many young entrepreneurs today without offices that would be excited about eating out at your location daily just so they get access to your electricity and/or internet.

Turn Your Most Loyal Customers To Influencers

Create an influencer marketing program for your restaurant business to spread positive word. People that love your brand are the best influencers as they are already passionate about the brand. Such passion displayed will always win you new customers. Make them excited about posting your meals and encouraging their friends and followers to check out your restaurant. It’s amazing how cost effective this can be. They won’t mind getting compensated with something as simple as a monthly gift card, shoutouts on your social media pages or discounts on meals.


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1 Comment

  1. Lekki Republic Restaurants

    November 26, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Nice article. Keep it work

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Why DJ Cuppy Should Quit Music As An Artist



If you are a Nigerian, you most likely already know who DJ Cuppy is. Ms. Otedola is a Business and Economics graduate who also has a Master’s Degree in Music Business from New York University, USA. She is a renowned Dj and the daughter of Nigerian Businessman, Mr. Femi Otedola.

Many Nigerians got to know Dj Cuppy when she started Djing in Nigeria. Personally, I believe she is a talented Dj and has done well to inspire many upcoming DJs in Africa, regardless of status or ethnic group. However, I strongly believe Dj. Cuppy will make a lot more impact as a music business mogul. That is, instead of just continuing to DJ, produce and perform as an artist, she should consider investing in the industry as a record label owner like the likes of Don Jazzy and Davido.

That is, Dj Cuppy can upgrade her music management and content production business, Red Velvet Music Group to a creative media & entertainment company.

She has the capacity to pull the capital needed to make this happen in a major way. I envision a huge warehouse-like building in Lagos. Partitioned to house a mega music studio, a dance studio, a film studio, and even a music museum. Do you see where this is going?  

You were probably expecting me to bash her, right?. But no, this is not one of those – put the person down articles. Not at all. We are not about that life on It’s all about empowering people over here, especially young Nigerians. Now let’s get back to our very own adorable Ms. Cuppy and why she should consider doing more than just singing or djing.

Posterity will smile on her for creating an avenue for a lot more talented individuals in Nigeria to attain limelight. She was able to pull the who is who in society together to raise over 5 billion Naira for her foundation recently. I have no doubt that she can make a record label and a lot more happen. Do you agree? Do you think she has the potential for success as a record label executive? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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Getting A Patent For Your Idea In Nigeria



It is one thing to have a great idea but when it comes to protecting the idea from being copied, that can be a challenge.

What is a patent? patent is a monopoly granted by the federal government to an inventor for limited period of time to use or license his or her invention. We have been asked time and time again if it is possible to patent a business idea in Nigeria.

The answer to this is a big NO! But don’t get disappointed just yet. Although, you may not be able to patent your startup idea, you can patent an invention. You can get a patent in Nigeria just like any where else even though different rules may apply.

The Difference Between An Idea And An Invention 

While an idea is an untested imaginary concept, an invention is the realistic product of your idea. Your invention can be in the form of a process, composition, that has descriptiondesign, features, etc.

For instant, you have an idea for a software that records your body temperature daily to determine your health status. The idea for such an idea can’t be patented if you have not built it or can’t proof that the software can be developed.

Who Is In-Charge?

Patents are issued by The Trademarks, Patents And Designs Registry, Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry Of Industry, Trade & Investment.

Who Can File A Patent? 

Only accredited agents can file a patent on your behalf. Therefore, it is advised that you hired the services of a seasoned certified patent lawyer or firm.

What is Required for Registration?

Your concept has to be unique. In other words, it should not have been patented before. Moreover, you would have a stronger case for a patent if the invention is totally innovative. Every applications for patent has to come with a request for patent. Which has to be signed by the applicant or an agent representative.

The patent application should also contain the names and address of the applicant, a specification requirement. As well as a claim, drawings (of process) and plans, a declaration if any, signed by the inventor, a signed power of attorney or authorization of the agent if the request is made by the agent; the address of the business in Nigeria and the patent fee.

What Is The Duration Of Patent?

In Nigeria, every patent ensures the holder is granted a monopoly for twenty years from the date the patent was filed. Also note that not paying the fixed yearly fees can result to the patent getting canceled. The grace period for the payment of such fees is six (6) months. 

Want To Patent Your Invention?

In a bid to file patent for an application we are currently developing, we sort the services of a law firm with experience in patent registration in Nigeria. The process was smooth and affordable. So much so I had to make this recommendation. NLIP Watch helped with all the technicalities involved with our application. I believe they can help with yours. Visit the seasoned lawyers at to discuss your patent today. 

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