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What Dogs Teach Us About Loyalty



People are not loyal these days. So when I find that one person that keeps it real and is loyal, I can’t help but appreciate. It’s partly why I love dogs so much. They are like the most loyal creatures on earth, if not the most.

All they need is trust. Once they can trust you, it’s nothing but loyalty and loyalty is love. Loyalty is an important ingredient for success with potential partners, employers and even co-workers. You have to be willing and open to building better relations with your peers if you expect them to deliver on their end.

There are some amazing traits dogs posses that us humans should embrace.

Dog’s naturally want to bond and show affection. They show love because they want to love not for selfish gains. Dogs are not loners. They want to be associated with a pack and contribute to the welfare of the pack while protecting every pack member.

Some folks say dogs are loyal for the food and shelter so they have no choice but to be nice. But if you have seen how they react when they meet a human friend after a long time, you know there is more to it than food and shelter.

A dog will never question or doubt a friendship, their trust is limitless. Dogs that fight do so because they were trained to. Imagine if we humans could trust each other like that as friends or as business partners, the world would improve drastically. This is where the law of attraction should naturally take form. A lot of times, we move with the notion that people are out to get us. To cheat us.

Some times it is the case. However, most of the time it is just your mind playing tricks on you. And as a wise man once said, if you can control your mind, you can control your destiny. You can create your own reality. Being able to trust like dogs, takes time to develop but if you push yourself and learn to trust yourself and others, life will transform for the better for you. In business and in your personal life.

Dogs are playful yet serious when they have to be. You do not have to take life too seriously but you should be serious about reaching your goals. When I speak about not taking life too seriously, I am talking about being playful and how you react to the sadness around you. It is not immature to be playful. It’s humane.

Yes, times are hard but if you dwell on this negative fact, you make it difficult to grow and attain success in the midst of hard times. See how many people are doing well for themselves even in the so-called hard times. So many. Be playful. Find joy in little things and big things will come to you.


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Getting A Patent For Your Idea In Nigeria



It is one thing to have a great idea but when it comes to protecting the idea from being copied, that can be a challenge.

What is a patent? patent is a monopoly granted by the federal government to an inventor for limited period of time to use or license his or her invention. We have been asked time and time again if it is possible to patent a business idea in Nigeria.

The answer to this is a big NO! But don’t get disappointed just yet. Although, you may not be able to patent your startup idea, you can patent an invention. You can get a patent in Nigeria just like any where else even though different rules may apply.

The Difference Between An Idea And An Invention 

While an idea is an untested imaginary concept, an invention is the realistic product of your idea. Your invention can be in the form of a process, composition, that has descriptiondesign, features, etc.

For instant, you have an idea for a software that records your body temperature daily to determine your health status. The idea for such an idea can’t be patented if you have not built it or can’t proof that the software can be developed.

Who Is In-Charge?

Patents are issued by The Trademarks, Patents And Designs Registry, Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry Of Industry, Trade & Investment.

Who Can File A Patent? 

Only accredited agents can file a patent on your behalf. Therefore, it is advised that you hired the services of a seasoned certified patent lawyer or firm.

What is Required for Registration?

Your concept has to be unique. In other words, it should not have been patented before. Moreover, you would have a stronger case for a patent if the invention is totally innovative. Every applications for patent has to come with a request for patent. Which has to be signed by the applicant or an agent representative.

The patent application should also contain the names and address of the applicant, a specification requirement. As well as a claim, drawings (of process) and plans, a declaration if any, signed by the inventor, a signed power of attorney or authorization of the agent if the request is made by the agent; the address of the business in Nigeria and the patent fee.

What Is The Duration Of Patent?

In Nigeria, every patent ensures the holder is granted a monopoly for twenty years from the date the patent was filed. Also note that not paying the fixed yearly fees can result to the patent getting canceled. The grace period for the payment of such fees is six (6) months. 

Want To Patent Your Invention?

In a bid to file patent for an application we are currently developing, we sort the services of a law firm with experience in patent registration in Nigeria. The process was smooth and affordable. So much so I had to make this recommendation. NLIP Watch helped with all the technicalities involved with our application. I believe they can help with yours. Visit the seasoned lawyers at to discuss your patent today. 

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Why Youth Empowerment Is Important In Nigeria



In today’s Nigeria, radical investment in youth development in other to boost human capital and the economy is extremely crucial. 

As a result, youth empowerment is the most critical long-term investment a nation can embark on for the future of its people in terms of prosperity and quality of life. 

Below are some of the reasons why Nigeria should treat youth empowerment as an emergency. 

  • Youth Empowerment To Fight Poverty 

The key to unlocking hidden capacity that can improve the standard of living of the average Nigerian is youth empowerment. Today’s youth will be the ones to lead societal growth or a lack of it in the future.

An empowered youth is freed from the fear of the unknown, insecurities as he or she possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to determine their destinies, as a result creating a continuously improving society.  Above all, without empowerment, a generation of potential innovators, investors and gurus will be lost.  An individual can only give with he or she has. For instant, an empty cup can not supply another cup with its content. 

  • The Economic Impact Of Youth Empowerment

Research shows that there is a strong correlation between economic growth and youth empowerment. In other words, possessing better knowledge and skills would have a direct impact on the economy of any country. With a knowledgeable workforce for example, productivity increases, quality of work increases, the quality of goods and services increase. The economy is better for it. 

 Furthermore, people with better knowledge and skills possess the capacity to earn more from their endeavors. This results in stronger consumer spending power. As one becomes employed, starts a business, and/or experience growth in earnings, his or her ability to purchase home appliances, cars, landed property, technology etc increases. This creates a positive ripple effect on the economy as various industries like auto manufacturing, tech, real estate and many more are directly impacted, leading to a growth in the nation’s GDP. 

  • The Need for A Long Term Social Network

In a country like Nigeria, where skills is not enough, there is a need to build a long term social network if one is to beat the poverty plague.

Without a support system, an individual is vulnerable to all types of disadvantages one can image. Youth empowerment strengthens connections and collaborations with other members of society, laying the foundation for life long value-added relationships. These relationships are vital to the development of better opportunities for the youth, families and the larger society. Recommendations for a project, a new job or business opportunity is important in Nigeria, making building one’s network more crucial. However, it takes empowerment to be able to build an effective network.

To conclude, the government, cooperate society and well off individuals need to do more to empower the youth. This is important, if they truly believe in the vision of having an advanced society for generations to come. 



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