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What To Eat After A Really Good Workout



The basic purpose of workout and other forms of exercises is to keep the body and muscles in good shape. But soon after, energy levels are depleted and there is need to fill up without necessarily feeling over bloated.

Eating the right foods at the right time after workouts is crucial as it gives the best of that process of building lean muscles, burning calories, losing weight and generally feeling energized

It is best is to choose foods that combine proteins, carbohydrates and some healthy fats. However, it all depends on the purpose of your workout routine. For fat burning routines designed to loose weight, foods with lean proteins and carbohydrates are ideal. Sometimes it’s a matter of not readily finding the right mix of foods to meet your needs.

Here are six healthy foods readily available in our markets to give the best diets after that hard workout

Brown rice and steamed vegetables.

This food provides the right combination of fiber and vitamin as well as mineral compounds. Rice is also a healthy carbohydrate to opt for as a whole food after exercises.

With this the glycogen levels for energy is easily restored


Eggs contain healthy fats and proteins which is needed to restore the body after workouts and there are various options in preparing them and still make them tasty and filling

You may choose to make an omelette with vegetables or simply have them boiled. Could also be paired with your choice of carbohydrates like potatoes to make a healthy post- workout meal.


Potatoes are a healthy choice of carbohydrates to add to your post work out meal and easily available too. Boiled potatoes are a great choice

It’s also important to combine both protein and carbohydrates to refuel the body system so why not go for a combination of potatoes with hard boiled eggs?


Chicken is a good source of protein and a healthy choice to combine with brown rice, vegetable salad,( as preferred by many), or just potatoes. It helps to replenish glycogen which is the energy stores and restore protein synthesis. However make sure to prepare your chicken in a healthy way, reducing as much as possible any additional fat when preparing them.

Try boiling or baking your chicken rather than deep frying.


This type of fish is an excellent choice of protein because it is packed with bioactive peptides that helps reduce any inflammation that may occur after workouts, regulate insulin levels and give you joint support.

It is also a light meal and easy to prepare and pair with your preferred choice of carbohydrates or vegetables to make a perfect post workout meal.

Protein powder

Whey protein is the best choice of protein powder. It absorbs quicker therefore ideal after workout to top up energy levels. Alternatively, Chocolate milk has great after workout effects, it a good source of calcium, glucose and water

It is the preferred alternative to whey protein as it absorbs fast, helps you rehydrate and regain energy.

Whatever choices settled for as post work out foods, make sure it contains the right combination of nutrients. The right mix taken at the right time will keep your body happy and ultimately energized. You can also test your creative side. Whip up your own healthy food combination. Let us know if its a great choice we can recommend to others.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Damilola

    November 19, 2017 at 7:53 am

    I love the article…Feels good to exercise to keep the body from being bloated or from excess fat..And also to keep fit

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Introducing the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers & Cosmetologists



The Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (NASHCO) has been in existence since the 1970s, precisely founded on the 19th of May 1978. The Association is a well known one with a huge membership database across the Country.

As part of the aim of its existence, the association was founded to provide a forum where Hairdressers as well as Cosmetologists could have their common problems dealt with fairly and timely. They also wanted to ensure that high professional standards and ethics within the field were constantly adhered to, in order to foster trust and confidence with their customers and partners. The motto of the association is “UNITY AND STRENGTH”.

However, in light of this knowledge which I believe generally precedes one’s revelation of the existence of “NASHCO”, there are 3 important things you probably did not know about the association and it’s really funny, because these 3 things are what has given the association the much credibility and recognition it continues to enjoy today.

Here they are:
1- It’s amazing to note that “NASHCO” has recorded an amazing growth in membership over the years. Just in Lagos alone, the State Chapter of NASHCO currently records over 10,000 registered members in all 20 local government areas and 37 local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) of the state.

In all states, the state body is headed by the President and Executives; the LGAs and LCDAs are headed by a Chairperson, while the various areas under each LGA/LCDA are headed by a Zonal Head. In Lagos, meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month, with the exception of December.

2- NASHCO is registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry

3- NASHCO is equally registered with the Lagos State Wealth Creation and Empowerment.

The Association’s Partnership With

Not too long ago, the association made a decision to partner with, Nigeria’s first online aggregator for Artisans/blue collar services in Nigeria. In a statement made by the Lagos state chapter Chairperson who said, “Jambolo has provided a platform for us to showcase our products and services and as such we believe this partnership will place our members in a position to compete effectively and deliver quality services to our customers in Lagos State.” It is to be observed that the Association is positioned towards providing quality service and satisfaction to her customers, clients and partners.

Artisans that are a part of the Association include but not limited to:

1. Hairdressers

2. Cosmetologists

3. Body Care Specialists

4. Make-Up Artists

5. Nail Stylists

If you want to enjoy great styling with regards your looks. If you want to enjoy consistent affordable rates when next you are in search of an hairdresser or a cosmetologist; just log on to and with one click, locate the beauty you get access to professional service, from the comfort of your home.

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5 Things You Should Know About



Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just, at the click of a button, gain access to a wide range of professional Artisans (Carpenters, Plumbers, Hairdressers, etc.) all over Lagos, no matter your location? Wouldn’t it be better still, if these Artisans apart from being professionals, were also really affordable and easily reachable?

Best of all, I’m sure you’d feel a lot safe or should I say have peace of mind, just knowing that your Artisan has already gone through strict verification, so you don’t even bother about the possibility of a mischievous conduct, while his/her service is being offered. I’m sure you’re telling yourself right now… of course I would love all of these services, if only they were true and possible.

Well, no need to pinch yourself any further, was designed to make it all happen for you, just as stated above. provides listings of over 100 different categories of artisans and SME’s in Nigeria, and also provides information on their physical location (i.e. addresses) and contact details (i.e. phone numbers) of each SME service provider.

To enable you use effectively, below are 5 important things you should know, this way, you’re sure of getting great service as well as a great experience.

1- What cities does Jambolo cover?
For now, covers only Lagos metropolis but there are plans to expand to other major cities in Nigeria in the coming months.

2- Does Jambolo negotiate cost of services provided on behalf of users?
No. At this point in time, does not offer this service. Service costs can be negotiated and agreed with the service provider after engaging them through the portal.

3- Can artisans/small business service providers upload their business details on Jambolo?
No. The Jambolo Business Development Team will need to physically visit the service provider or any affiliated association that controls such services in that particular area field surveys to verify the identity and capacity of the prospective vendor to deliver specific services. This procedure ensures that only Service Providers that are physically verified are listed on

4- What do I do if I am very satisfied/dissatisfied with the quality of work provided by an
artisan/small business on Jambolo?
A rating tool is currently being developed on that would help with feedback on the quality of work provided by the service provider. This will provide valuable information for other users who wish to use the service provider in the future and help us serve your better.

5- Will Jambolo Online Services guarantee quality of work produced by listed artisans?
No. Our site, is a platform that aggregates and provides access to frequently needed blue collar services. The site also seeks to promote quality customer services and competition amongst such service providers in Nigeria.

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