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Why Having A Strong Brand Is Good Business



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Good branding, more than just a recognizable logo, enhances the reputation of your company. It offers guidance and inspiration for employees, and makes it easier to attract new customers. What is a brand, then?

A brand represents the bulk of the masses perception of, but not limited to your organization’s customer service, credibility, logo, and advertising. Putting together all of these pieces to work makes for a strong brand. Similarly, brand identity is a combination of all the elements your organization develops to portray the right brand image to your customers. 

Why is it important to have a strong brand?

1. Branding Boosts Recognition

Underestimating the power of familiarity is one thing you should never do.  It is important to have a logo that stands out. When you have a well known brand logo, people can easily recognize your products when they see them.nasco coffee maker

A professional logo is strong enough to give your business the desired impression but also simple enough to be unforgettable. That said, customers are more likely to grab a product that is memorable and recognizable from a supermarket shelf filled with products. Why? you may ask. The reason is because it is a familiar product. 

2. Branding Motivates Staff

Your employees are more likely to support and strive towards achieving set goals and the vision when they clearly understand the set goals, your mission and vision.

That is, your staff will rally around your cause if it is clear to them. They will not just see themselves as mere workers but as brand owners and advocates believing that if the brand succeeds, they too will succeed. 

3. Branding Creates Value

Consumers are more likely to value products that are branded more than those that are not. Do you agree? Look at both photos below. Would you rather buy product A or B? I bet your answer is B. Am I right? B is branded, on the other hand, A looks plain. Furthermore, A can be perceived as fake, or of lesser quality compared to B. 

bottles of water, one branded and the other is not branded

Business growth is more likely when you have a strong brand. 

Also note that, in a situation whereby your organization is in a the position to raise money for expansion, engage vendors for better deals or attract investors, being perceived as valuable, places your company in a better position to reach set out goals. 

4. Branding Boost Trust

People are more likely to buy from a business that is perceived to be legitimate and polished. Such trust can be built with a combination of PR, advertising, customer service delivery, loyalty programs as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Brands that are able to gain the trust of their customers over time tend to be more profitable. In addition, brand trust is an insurance policy, as it ensures consumer confidence in a brand, regardless of factors like competition and recession. 

5. Branding Attracts New Customers

When you are able to build a brand that is perceived as a notable brand, customers will be willing to become advocates at no cost. This helps your brand generate word-of-mouth referrals.

The most successful brands in Nigeria and even globally today, whether small, or large are those that have being able to established themselves as leaders in their industries. They are regarded as leaders because of their ability to build strong brands. Starting from having a strong logo, reputation, strategy, customer service etc. New customers are more willing to try your products when you have a strong brand. 


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Top 3 Social Trading Platforms For Copy Trading



social trading

Let’s talk about social trading networks, shall we?

Imagine earning from Forex or a trade without having to dedicate most of your time and resources. Imagine the ease of learning how each strategy works when it comes to trading. This is what social trading allows you to do and far more. What is social trading? You might ask, don’t worry, I will tell you.

Social trading is a form of investment that permits investors to watch the trading behaviors of both their peers and experts within the trading world. It allows you to follow their investment strategies using either copy trading or mirror trading.

This method of trading makes it easy for beginners to link their trading accounts to those of expert traders and imitate their trades automatically. It was even described by the World Economic Forum as a low, sophisticated alternative to traditional wealth managers. Little or no knowledge of the financial markets is needed.

Lately, social trading is being talked about as one of the best things to have happened to the online trading community. There are numerous Social trading platforms out there, it keeps increasing. However, here is our Top Three Social Trading Platforms with some of their main features;

1. Etoro

Founded and run by Yoni Assia, eToro is a great platform for starting traders. It provides a huge variety of investments and also a community of traders where users have the opportunity of interacting with each other like every other social media platform. With their News Feeds feature, users have the opportunity to monitor and manually copy any trader of their choice.

This platform has an interesting feature called the Copy Trading where users can automatically copy traders in bits thereby managing both exposures and risks. What I love the most about this platform is the free and unlimited demo account made available to everyone.

2. Naga Trader

They boast of having some of the best social trading features that include social networking, social trading, copy trading, and innovative investment services such as the NAGA portfolios.

Social networking involves, starting a unique project that traders from all over the world can join hands to work on. Copy-trading allows Naga traders to reproduce the success of elite traders and make it their trades.  These two practices have gained popularity within the global markets so much that Naga Traders were nicknamed – the “Tinder Of Trading”. This platform also gives you access to their social trading network where you meet, interact, and share with fellow NAGA traders

3. ZuluTrade

Founded in 2017, ZuluTrade is a Social trading system that works with dozens of brokers. It is best for hosting the most advanced social trading features. This platform works by gathering many elite investor trading data and records their trading strategies. You can analyze this in a minute and replicate their performance by customizing the risk and investment management. You can also have access to a free demo account, where would practically learn how to start and clarify your ideas.

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3 Affordable European Universities With No Application Fees



universities with no application fees

Sending applications to foreign universities can be costly. Especially, if you decide to send multiple applications at the same time, paying multiple application fees.

On the average, application fees for a US university cost around $75. It is a similar case in Canada and Europe. Therefore, you end up spending a lot while applying to multiple universities. That is to say, if unfortunately you don’t get the offers you want, you would have to count your losses. 

However, there is good news. Some good affordable universities in Europe do not require an application fee. There is more but our focus today is on the institutions mentioned below. 

1. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS), Estonia

EUAS is an international university located in Tallinn, Estonia. EUAS is a small but quality university with over 1600 students from across the world. Students have a choice of studying in either Estonian, English or Russian.

Applicants can apply for any of these undergraduate programs, Start-Up Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Development, Creativity and Business Innovation and Software Development & Entrepreneurship, or their MBA program directly via the university’s website at no cost. If you meet the requirements of the institution, you can create a user profile, submit your credentials and wait to be contacted. 

Tuition is about 5,000 Euros per year. 

2. University of Bergen, Norway

Located in Norway, the University of Bergen is ranked amongst the top 5 universities in the country. Applicants can apply via the institution’s portal for degree programs in Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine», Natural Science, Social Sciences and Management.

UiB also offers about 25 masters degree programs taught in English in the field of medicine, social sciences and psychology, humanities and aesthetic studies, and natural sciences and technical subjects.

All their master’s programs have a duration of two years. Furthermore, it should be noted that undergraduate programs are not taught in English. 

The tuition fee is about 1,000 Dollars per year but international students are to show a statement of account of a little over 12,000 Dollars when applying for a visa.

3. University of Vienna, Austria

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. It is located in Vienna, Austria.

Just like the above-mentioned universities, the University of Vienna does not require an application fee. You can apply directly through the school’s website as long as you can provide the needed credentials.

Furthermore, international applicants aside students from some developing countries, only need to pay 746.92 Euros per year.












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