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Why You Should Use Canva To Create Your Resume



For every job seeker, a resume is still important. Even more important now as millions of job seekers are taking action in a bid to secure that dream job in the midst of the global pandemic.

Your resume can make or break your chance of getting that dream job. Organizations still take resumes seriously, you should too.

You must have read different articles on things your resume should have or not have. On the best way to format your resume, or how you should avoid errors. Yes, all of these are worth noting.

One thing I have noticed with many resumes I have received so far this year, is the lack of proper formatting. This issue can result in a somewhat bland and unattractive resume, which would mean you do not get an interview. 

Note that, most employers perceive it as a sign of intelligence when your cover letter is well drafted. On the other hand, experience and skills set sighted on your resume makes you more attractive for an interview. 

But what if the other candidates applying for the job you are applying for have a good background of experience and skills set like you do?

How then do you stand out? You might want to consider applying aesthetics. That is, enhancing the look of your resume.

As a job seeker in 2014 and then in 2017, I used to restructure my resume. This was after applying for dozens of job offers in 2014 without getting any response. I complained to a friend, who then recommended some resume templates on The rest is history.

Since 2014, has played a major role in my working and business life. Aside from the fact that I used Canva for my resume while job seeking, I have created logos, letterheads, invoices, YouTube thumbnails, facebook ads, social media graphics, proposals, flyers, and many more with Canva. 

You have Never tried Canva?

You really should! It’s very user friendly and fun to use. All you need is some sense of design to make things turn out beautiful.

Below are some sample templates for resumes on and there is so much more. They are totally customizable to draw the attention of hiring managers to your strengths and capabilities. 

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Negotiating With Terrorists



The negotiation process initiated by Sheikh Gumi has left interested persons into two different categories.

The first are those who believe that peace and compromises are best done with negotiations. They commended the Sheikh for taking such a bold action and also invite other religious,political and elites to join him.

The second set of people are those who believe that under no guise should a terrorist be given audience to after taking lives of innocent people and rendering thousands homeless and hopeless.

Proudly and with a clear conscience, indeed and as a law-abiding citizen, I belong to the latter. Negotiation with any group that releases extreme terror to harmless people is obviously a short term approach and proves a sign of weakness and portrays those who have lost their lives and properties as laughing stock.

It is said that the terrorists have little or no knowledge of any religion, so it makes it possible for them to be comfortable to be murderers. Yes, it might be true. But that is a thinking of someone who refuses to speak with facts. There is retribution to all offenses in this Nation.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the supernatural or not. Punishment has been rewarded to thousands by the court of law. Some with their lives and others ended in the prisons. Those who believe with the action of the the Sheikh should understand that there can never be a a newly formed constitution under an existing one.

In conclusion, I call on the Governments from all levels to see any desperado as nothing but a criminal. Hence, punishment must be carried out.

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Coronavirus Pandemic: A pandemonium with a tendency to make humanity extinct 



Humanity has always been at the receiving latitude at all times. Whether it is war, hunger, plague or any social vice-vices one can think of. Today, the scary word is corona. It has come with no mercy to fight and beat us. 
Currently, Coronavirus has claimed over 8,800 innocent lives with over 220,000 begging for urgent help according to reports. This is another mass destruction.
Across the globe today, the economy is at the mercy of Coronavirus, a situation that is pathetic. Unfortunately, there seems to be no obvious solution, while the world lives in gross fear and apprehension. 
However, the rain of COVID-19 is not falling on selected roof. Many nation is facing a total lockdown and no one knows what might happen tomorrow.
This is a wake-up call for both Government and citizens of Nigeria to respond in all capacity that would ensure a united force and collaboration against Coronavirus. Nigeria shall stand strong. WE SHALL OVERCOME!
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